Exciting News: New IEC 2024 Invitations Released!

Introduction to the IEC 2024 Program

The International Experience Canada (IEC) Program is an exciting opportunity for young people worldwide. It is for the people who want to travel, work, and explore Canada. Let’s delve into the details of the recent invitation rounds and how it is important for aspiring participants.

Working Holiday Visa Invitations

The Working Holiday Visa is the most popular category within the International Experience Canada (IEC). It offers an open work permit, allowing recipients to work for different Canadian companies. The applicants won’t need a job offer beforehand. Here’s some important information:


  • Invitations: 1,776 invitations issued recently.
  • Available Spots: There are still 21,801 spots available for 2024.
  • Candidates: Currently, 32,556 candidates are competing for these spots.
  • Chances: If you’re from certain countries like Andorra, Australia, or Austria, your chances of receiving an invite next week are excellent. However, for countries like Chile or Costa Rica, it could be hard due to high competition.

Young Professionals Category

Under the Young Professionals category, participants receive a closed work permit. It means they can only work for the specific employer who issued a job offer. Here’s the breakdown:


  • Invitations: 190 invitations were issued recently.
  • Available Spots: There are still 4,953 spots left for upcoming draws.
  • Candidates: 551 candidates are currently in the pool.
  • Chances: If you’re from countries like Australia, Austria, or Croatia, your chances are excellent. But for countries like Chile or the Netherlands, it’s a bit tougher due to fewer available spots.

Internships (International Co-op) Invitations

The International Co-op category offers closed work permits for post-secondary students with job offers for work placements or internships in Canada. Here’s the scoop:


  • Invitations: 70 invitations were sent out recently.
  • Available Spots: There are still 2,807 spots available for the year.
  • Candidates: 68 candidates are currently in the pool.
  • Chances: If you’re from countries like France, Germany, or South Korea, your chances are excellent due to higher available spots. However, for countries like Greece or Portugal, it might be a bit more challenging.


According to the latest updates, the International experience canada program 2024 season has a processing time of around 5 weeks. Asif Consulting will help you if you consider applying, as now is the time to get your documents ready and keep an eye out for the next round of invitations. Good luck with your Canadian adventure!