Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Asif Consulting provides a great platform for people who want to make Yukon their new home. The Yukon Provincial Nominee Program (YPNP) is the easiest yet best pathway to turn that dream of living there into reality. YPNP aims to attract skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and graduates who can contribute to the economic growth and development of Yukon. This designated program offers a streamlined process for obtaining Canadian permanent residency.


Keep reading to learn more about the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program:


The YPNP offers several categories. Offered opportunities are tailored to different applicant’s skills and qualifications:

    • Skilled Worker
    • Critical Impact Worker
    • Business Nominee
    • Express Entry

Skilled Worker Category:

This category is best for people with full-time job offers from employers in Yukon.  One should have a job offer in any occupation listed under National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels 0, A, or B. In addition, it is for individuals who possess the skills and experience needed in the local job market. To qualify under Skilled Worker Category the applicant and the employer both have to meet several requirements. Asif Consulting will guide you about work experience, education, credentials, language proficiency, and other requirements to be eligible. 

Critical Impact Worker Category:

Critical Impact Worker Category is for the people with job offers for semi-skilled or unskilled positions. Applicants must have a job offer in an NOC Skill Level C or D occupation in Yukon. This stream is part of the Yukon Nominee Program with specific eligibility criteria to fulfill Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. 

In addition, the Yukon Critical Impact Worker Stream is for TEER 4 and 5 occupation workers. It provides an opportunity for Canadian Permanent Residency to the people who are not eligible to immigrate through Express Entry.

Business Nominee Category:

This specific category is for experienced business owners or entrepreneurs with considerable entrepreneurial or business skills. It is for people looking to establish or invest in a business in Yukon. The Business Nominee category aims to create job opportunities and enhance the northern territory economy. Candidates must desire to own and operate a business within Yukon to apply under the Yukon Business Nominee Program. 

Express Entry

Yukon territory is going through labor shortages due to its small population. Yukon Express Entry (YEE) stream also participates in the federal Express Entry system, allowing skilled workers to apply for permanent residency. YEE aligns with the Federal Express Entry stream which means that the specific candidate must have an active profile in the Express Entry pool. To create an Express Entry profile, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements of one of Yukon’s immigration programs.

Minimum Requirements:

YNP aims to attract more immigrants to the province to address the labor market needs. Applicants must generally demonstrate proficiency in English or French, with the necessary work experience or qualifications, and meet the minimum financial fund requirement, however, specific requirements may vary depending on the category,

Application Process

The application process typically involves several steps. It initiates from submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) and receiving an invitation to apply. After completing the application forms, and providing supporting documents, finally one has to attend interviews if required.

Processing Time

The processing time for YPNP applications can vary depending on:

  • The category, and
  • Individual circumstances. 

However, Yukon Immigration aims to process applications as efficiently as possible. Such actions will help faster immigration to the territory.

Benefits of YPNP

Successful applicants can enjoy numerous benefits under the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program. It includes the opportunity to live and work in Yukon. Living in Yukon assures access to Canada’s high-quality education and healthcare systems, and eventually becoming Canadian citizens over time.

Additional Support

Throughout the application process, applicants often seek assistance from Yukon Immigration officers or authorized representatives to ensure they understand the requirements and procedures fully.

Embark on Your Yukon Journey

The perfect Yukon Provincial Nominee Program opens doors to a welcoming community nestled in the heart of Canada’s wilderness. Professionals famished for new opportunities, entrepreneurs with distinct visions for immense growth, or workers eager to make a meaningful contribution. It doesn’t matter to them, Yukon will always welcome you delightfully. So, take the first step towards your Canadian dream with the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program.