Canadian Citizenship


If roughly estimated, in the case of Canada, the stipulated
minimum investment that gets you automatic citizenship is
400,000 Canadian dollars or about Rs 1.4 crore. If the investment comes from a
designated Canadian venture capital fund, you must secure a
minimum investment of $200,000. If the investment comes from a
designated Canadian angel investor group, you must secure a
minimum investment of $75,000.


Canadian citizens are eligible for certain unelected government jobs that require citizenship as well as jobs requiring security clearances.
With Canadian citizenship comes the right to vote in provincial and national elections. By voting, Canadian citizens play an important role in influencing provincial and federal politics.
Canadian passport is a more useful passport, many countries allow Canadians to enter without a visa for certain approved purposes. Canadians citizens can spend as much time as they like outside of Canada with no immigration consequences.

Canadian citizens will not ordinarily lose citizenship if convicted of a crime. A Citizenship Certificate is valid indefinitely and Canadian citizens who wish to travel internationally need only renew their passports every ten years.

One should choose Canada as it consistently ranks high on major comparative surveys of industrialized nations. Other of the country’s key benefits included the following:
 G8 and NAFTA member.
 Unspoiled environment with strict environmental controls.
 World-class health care system, one of the best in the world.
 Excellent education system, one of the most respected in the world.
 Cultural, ethnic and religious tolerance entrenched in the Constitution.
 One of the safest countries to live in, offering a high quality of life.
 One of the most valued passports for international travel.