Federal Skilled Worker

Falling under the Express Entry Program as of January 1, 2015, the Federal Skilled Worker Program is now part of this new fast-track immigration process. The labour shortage in Canada has created a golden opportunity for those wishing to make a new life in the country. As part of the Express Entry system, you will be able to live as a permanent resident in Canada if your profile is selected from the pool of candidates.
The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is designed for individuals who have the qualifications, skills or experiences to fill Canada’s skill shortages.
Applicants to the Federal Skilled Worker Visa must demonstrate that they meet the minimum visa requirements. These include having work experience in a managerial, skilled or semi-skilled occupation and meeting the pass mark on a points-based assessment. Successful applicants will obtain Canadian permanent residence, which entitles them to live and work in Canada with fewer restrictions. Canadian permanent residents may also be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

Permanent Residency For Skilled Workers

It is easier for skilled workers and professionals to become permanent residents in the country of their choice, because their education and work experience assists them in finding work. Large numbers of people retire in Canada every year, which means the need for skilled manpower is growing tremendously. A whole new world awaits skilled workers and professionals wanting to work in Canada.

Canada is the land of immense opportunities. The bountiful maple leaf country is home to multicultural individuals from across the world. Known for its cultural and environmental diversity, Canada is where the heart is at peace. Canada has one of the most vibrant economies in the world and its employment sector is booming. This makes the country the most sought after destination for skilled workers and professionals.

Canada is on the lookout for young, self-motivated, well-educated, and skilled workers and professionals to contribute to its economic growth. Due to its knowledge-based economy, the country is seeking job ready professionals who can adapt to and fullfil the requirements of the rapidly changing job market. The Canada skilled worker visa is the life changing reward for all hardworking skilled workers and professionals looking to make a living in the maple country.

Employment Prospects

The immigration authority of Canada introduces reforms from time to time to help make the process hassle-free and transparent for deserving people. The focus has shifted to choosing skilled workers and professionals who have flexible and manageable skills, because these are required in order to be successful in the effervescent economy of Canada. A solid platform for success in Canada is built on work experience, English proficiency and other relevant skills.
The Canadian unemployment rate is low. In order to get a job here, Canada offers the fast track Express Entry Program and PNP linked Express Entry streams in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The country also offers the Federal Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and many others. Getting a work permit is a lot easier for the people who meet the comprehensive ranking system requirements.

Professionals In High Demand

Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Software & Petroleum), Technicians, Teachers, Professors and Lecturers, Nurses, Healthcare Practitioners, IT, Salespersons and Marketers, Bankers, Insurance Providers and Adjusters, Accountants, Trades Persons and many more are in high demand in the country.
Immigration to Canada is readily available to individuals who have the right skillset. In this progressive country they can raise their standard of living.

Expression Of Interest

If you fulfill the above mentioned eligibility criteria under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must first make an Expression of Interest for immigrating to Canada and create an online profile for it. You must provide information about your age, work experience, skills, language ability, education, qualifications and other personal information as required. Once your qualification is confirmed by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you are placed in a pool of candidates which are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Medical Examination And Security Check

Medical examination is mandatory for all the applicants. It includes a standard physical exam, blood tests, urine tests and X-rays. These are conducted to check the applicants for any kind of medical condition that may pose a risk to citizens of Canada.

Improve Your Ranking Under The Comprehensive Ranking System

Candidates who are ranked highest are issued an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency when the Government of Canada conducts regular draws from the pool. Therefore, it is best for you as a candidate to improve your score so that you are ranked higher and your chances of receiving an invitation to apply increase.

How To Qualify For The Program

To become eligible for a Canadian Skilled Worker Visa, under Express Entry, you will be assessed on the following factors:

  • your skills in English and/or French (Canada’s two official languages);
  • your education;
  • your work experience;
  • your age;
  • whether you have a valid job offer; and
  • your adaptability (how well you are likely to settle in Canada
Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for a Canadian Immigration Visa for permanent residency as a Canadian Federal Skilled Worker applicant, you must:

  • have a minimum of one year of uninterrupted full time (or equivalent) work experience in the past 10 years under a skilled occupations skill type (O,A, B); or
  • have arranged employment (job offered by a Canadian employer) with regard to the Labour Market Impact Assessment criteria;
  • have completed two years of study in Canada towards a PhD or completed a PhD in Canada from a recognized Canadian institution; and
  • pass the language ability exam for one of Canada’s two official languages – English and French
Invitation To Apply

An Invitation to Apply is issued to those candidates who have been selected to apply for immigration to Canada by IRCC through its Express Entry selection system.

As soon as you receive the invitation, you have a span of 60 days to submit a complete and accurate application form along with all the supporting documents. The submission of a complete application is considered as acceptance to the invitation sent by IRCC. Once all the portions of the document checklist are completed and uploaded, you will receive an Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) issued by IRCC who will then further review your application and determine your eligibility for the program.

Eligibility Factors

Federal Skilled Worker is one of the Federal Programs managed through Express Entry for Skilled Workers with foreign work experience who want to live and work in Canada permanently. This program is introduced to motivate foreign workers to contribute to Canada’s growing economy. To be eligible for this program following factors impact which actually forms a grid to calculate points, as there are point-based criteria to be selected which depends on age, education, work experience, valid job offer, English or French proficiency etc. Highest ranked candidates from the pool are invited for permanent residence. Even one can get higher scores by improving language skills, completion of another degree or diploma or by having a valid job offer in Canada.


There are six selection factors which impact on the points grid among them top of all is Language Skills. One can get 28 points by proving proficiency in one of Canada’s both official languages as one is English and the other one is French. One must have an approved language test to show language proficiency. If any candidate is an expert in the first official language, he or she can earn a maximum 24 points. Below mentioned points according to skilled level:

Abilities are Speaking     Listening              Reading and Writing

CLB level 9 or higher 6 points in each ability

CLB level 8 means 5 points in each ability through IELTS

and 4 points could be added for proficiency in the second language but for this at least CBL 5 is needed in all abilities of language as these abilities are speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The second selection factor is Work Experience in which one can gain a maximum of 15 points. It depends on the number of the years of full time paid work according to National Occupation Classification. NOC is defined with each job code which is included in Express Entry profile as in this list occupations are classified according to the need of the Canadian economy. One can get maximum points with the work experience of 6 or more years. So as 13 points for 4 to 5 years experience, 11 for 2 to 3 years and so on 9 for one year. Work experience in Canada or abroad, full time or part-time also have great impact.

The third selection factor is the age for which candidates can get a maximum of 12 points. There is no age point for under 18 and 47 or older and maximum 12 points are for age 18 to 35.

The fourth factor is education which can add a maximum of 25 points. If the candidate has foreign education other than Canadian institutes, they must have an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report from a designated organization which proves your education is equivalent to a Canadian degree.

10 points could be added for a valid job offer from a Canadain employer. One must get the job offer before they apply for Federal skilled worker and job offer should be at least for one year and occupation should be listed among skill type 0 or level A or B of NOC.

Finally, the candidate can get a maximum of 10 points by combining the abilities of your spouse. Along with this extra 5 points could be added in this adaptability if you or your spouse have relatives in Canada. Total needed scores are 67 or more to be eligible out of 100.

To facilitate our worthy clients, point calculator is here:

Trade Occupation

Federal Skilled Trades Class is managed through Express Entry for the candidates who are qualified in a skilled trade and want to become permanent residents in Canada. FSTC is one of three programs managed by the Government of Canada’s Express Entry Selection System but generally, FSTC candidates have lower CRS than other candidates of two EE program. 

Candidates are assessed on the ability to become economically established upon immigration to Canada. The applicant submits their Expression to Interest through the IRCC Express Entry Selection System and receive a pass and fail score on the requirements which will be discussed below in detail. 

Skilled Trades for the Federal Skilled Program are under different groups of National Occupational Classification, there are major NOC groups which are subdivided into different occupations and they are all skill type B and one must meet the description of occupation in the NOC. As mentioned above about the major NOC groups here we talk in detail about these groups:

Major Group 72: Industrial, Electrical and Construction trades

Major Group 73: Maintenance and Equipment Operation trades

Major Group 82: Supervisors and technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production

Major Group 92: Processing, Manufacturing and Utility supervisors and central control operators

Minor Group 632: Chefs and Cooks

Minor Group 633: Butchers and Bakers

Applicant must have two years of full-time work experience in an applied skilled trade in recent five years. The valid job offer should be minimum for one year by the Canadian employer. 

If we talk about education, basically there is no education required for Feder Skilled Trades Programs but no doubt if the candidate is educated one can get additional points and can improve rank in the Express Entry pool. Directly one can get points against Canadian degree and certificate and for foreign education, one has an Education Credential Assessment (ECA). 

For Language, proficiency one must achieve Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 for Speaking and Listening and CLB 4 for Reading and Writing. Language tests remain valid till 2 years and should be added in Express Entry profile. 

Along with many other things candidate must be admissible by medical, criminal and security reasons. 

Candidates must prove enough funds to support himself or family as for one person there must be around 13,000 Canadian dollars are required and by adding each member $3,414 are added. Funds should be readily available to the candidates to deal with the cost of living unless the candidate has a valid job offer by the employer or able to legally work in Canada. Candidate must have the plan to live in Canada instead of Province Quebec. 

Candidate has to work on every territory and state to assess a suitable place according to trade and search an employer in Canada who provide training and experience. Process for every province is different. Website of every province will provide you with information about specific trade and skill according to your demand. LInks for the sites for every province are given below:

Alberta: https://tradesecrets.alberta.ca

British Columbia: https://www.itabc.ca/apply-apprenticeship/challenging-certification-exams

Manitoba: https://www.gov.mb.ca/wd/apprenticeship/index.html

New Brunswick: https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/post-secondary_education_training_and_labour/Skills/content/ApprenticeshipAndTrades/DesignatedOccupations.html

Newfoundland and Labrador: https://www.gov.nl.ca/aesl/app/

NorthWest Territories: https://www.ece.gov.nt.ca/en/services/apprenticeship-and-trades

Nova Scotia: https://nsapprenticeship.ca/

Ontario: https://www.ontario.ca/page/work-your-profession-or-trade

Prince Edward Island: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/topic/apprenticeship-training-and-skilled-trade-certification

Saskatchewan: https://saskapprenticeship.ca/

Yukon: http://www.education.gov.yk.ca/certification.html

If the required trade is not regulated by any province or territory it must be regulated by the Federal Government. Here is a link for finding the trade to know that who is dealing or regulating the trade: https://www.cicic.ca/935/find_an_occupational_profile.canada?search=&cat=1&tp=7 

After research work and done with the documentation candidate must submit profile.