Germany is not only a beautiful country but its a most powerful country in Europe with low employment and high economic growth. Its the country with lot of benefits like free education, healthy environment and highly safe surroundings to grow. Germany is seeking for the highly qualified employees to work there with handsome salaries from all over the globe. If one have decided to work there and wanted to choose the place for living one must go for job seeker visa.

Germany is seeking for the highly qualified employees to work there with handsome salaries from all over the globe.Germany job seeker visa is a platform for the foreign national candidates to live there and look for a job.


It can be extended upto six months so the candidates can find a potential employers to get a suitable job.If by the end of six months one get a suitable job for own self Germany work visa or work permit is granted to the candidate. Job seeker visa does not allow the candidate to start work immediately but one can visit the country get the
suitability and look for a job during this stay. Meanwhile one have to make
contact and networking with potential employers in Germany.


Eligibility for Applicants:

  • Must hold a Bachelors or
    Masters degree from a German university or an equivalent foreign degree. All
    attested by HEC if done in Pakistan (that will approx cost 30,000 PKR)
  • Have a minimum of five years
    experience in relevant field. Documentation of previous jobs attestation from
    employers along with salary slips. (Original plus two copies)
  • Must have sufficient funds
    to cover the stay duration in Germany. Proof of blocked account in Germany in
    the name of the applicant showing a minimum balance of round about 4500 Euros
    or secondly formal obligation letter from a friend in Germany issued by local
    immigration Authority in Germany. Additional bank statement of 12 months of
    that person. (submit the original and two copies)
  • Valid health insurance make
    sure it explicitly cover all Schengen states.
  • Prove of Language skills
    IELTS with 6 band is good but German Language certificate “Zertifikat
    Deutsche” at least A1 level or better by GI or NUML.

After preparing all these documents one must submit application form of job seeker visa in Germany embassy office. After submitting the form you will get appointment for interview. Your documents and application form and interview will determine whether job seeker visa will be granted or not.

Required documents:

  • All mentioned above along with Application forms completely filled with
    computer and signed by the candidate. For application in embassy plz provide
    three application forms. 75 Euros fees is for visa appointment
  • Four passport size photos not older than three months with white
  • Valid passport it should be valid for three months after the expiry of the
    applied visa.
  • Security questionnaire
  • Applicants declaration
  • Curriculum Vitae with full
    education and employment history.
  • Health insurance one can submit preliminary health insurance with
  • Proof of accommodation in Germany if with a friend or relative then formal
    letter from local immigration authority or hotel reservation proof.
  • Birth Certificate and proof of personal status if kids then birth
    certificates of kids, if married then marriage certificate translated in
    English and 30,000 investigation fees for the verification of all these
    documents for Pakistanis.