Details on changes that will or may occur in Canada’s immigration system in 2023.

It was revealed through immigration the most recent census that immigrants now make up about 23% of Canada’s total population, which is the largest-ever share seen in the last 100 years.

Moreover, this number is expected to continue rising in the upcoming year as the Canadian government plans to continue its commitment to immigration and welcoming newcomers into the country in hopes that the heightened immigration further helps the country develop socially and economically. At the same time, Canada also hopes to use immigration to reunite families as well as assist vulnerable populations through Canada’s capacity for humanitarian aid.

Looking forward to 2023, the following is a general overview of what Canadian immigration may look like over the next calendar year.

IRCC continues to decrease the application

The IRCC has been making considerable efforts to reduce the application backlogs that piled up during the COVID-19 pandemic and has made significant progress since September 2022.

The IRCC also received an additional $85 million as funds to “reduce application inventories” along with increasing “front-line operations staff” by 2,521 employees. It is the hope of many applicants that the IRCC completely resolves the immigration backlog issue and also improves its service standards for future applications in 2023.

What is the target of the New Immigration Levels Plan for 2023?

With the Immigrations Level Plan being implemented Canada has now set a record-high immigration target for the year 2023. within the Immigration Level Plan for 2023. This suggests that the IRCC believes that it can manage to handle a large number of immigrants while at the same time continuing to deal with the visa backlogs.

The Immigration Level Plan has set a target of (465,000) new immigrants for the year 2023. The number of immigrants that are to be accepted from multiple immigrations categories is as follows

  • Express Entry: 82,880

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP): 105,500

  • Parents and Grandparents: 28,500

  • Spouses/Partners and Children: 78,000

Impacts to be expected from these developments in next year.

At the current time, immigrations can have a very significant impact on Canada since the country has become heavily reliant on it to support its economy by filling in the large demand for labor with the help of immigrants.

An example of this can be seen in Canada using PNPs and targeted Express Entry draws to bring in skilled foreign workers to satiate the country’s high labor demand. Canada greatly benefits from all skilled immigrants that enter the country, especially those from occupations that are high in demand as they will bring further development to the country. The economy will also flourish thanks to the natural cycle of spending that occurs when people are employed.

Furthermore, Canada has also temporarily allowed students to work for over 20 hours per week which has made Canada an even more popular destination for international students. This tactic will undoubtedly attract even more students to come to Canada and afterward many of them may even decide to stay once they graduate.  This change in policy will make it so that foreign students will eventually contribute to the improvement of the country’s economy and labor market.

In accordance with all that is mentioned above Canada is expected to experience a high level of immigration in the upcoming year and Canadians can rest assured that they will be able to solve many of their economic and labor problems with the help of immigrants.

Review on new Canadian immigration system for 2023

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