The process of Transition from student visa to 457 visa to RSMS is quite tricky. We as immigration consultants can help you to get permanent residency transitioning from student visa to 457 to Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – RSMS Visa which will eventually help our clients live on a permanent basis in Australia. 

We being professionals will suggest to our client that first of all they should apply for the Work (Skilled) 457 Visa then after 2 years, transfer to a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – RSMS  (subclass 187) visa via the Temporary Residence Transition stream.

However, the Work (Skilled) subclass 457 visa has various requirements for which applicant would first have to meet the criteria whether eligible for transitioning from Student visa to 457 visas.

  • Firstly the applicant would need an approved Australian business to sponsor him.
  • The occupation of the applicant would also need to be featured on the consolidated sponsor’s list (CSOL).
    CSOL is a list of occupations which is in demand in Australia.
  • The applicant would have to meet the relevant skill level and have the relevant qualifications for the position.
  • The minimum salary offered by the sponsoring company to the applicant at the time of application must be at least AUD $52,400 per annum and in the case that there is Australian employee in the company already working, his salary offer would have to be equivalent as mentioned earlier.
    This thing is known as the Market salary rate requirement.
  • With a 457 visa, the applicant would also be required to go for an IELTS Test and score at least 5 in all components.

Right after finding the company, we will be able to lodge the Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) Visa application for our worthy client and while it is being processed, immigration will be provided him with a Bridging Visa.

With our professional support of our immigration consultants, it only took one month for this visa to be granted.

Australian work permit visa consultation

We lay an actionable step by step plan which brings you closer to stay and work in Australia. If you’d like to find out how we can help you do the very same thing and secure a permanent Australian working visa today. 

We as online consultants have extensive experience in dealing with a complex case of working visa in which the applicants are coming from all over the world.  To find further information on Working visas in Australia and your eligibility, please contact us for Consultancy services, Global citizenshipBusiness immigration, Skilled immigration, Study visa, Visit visa & Scholarships.

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