Five new occupations added to (GTS) Global Talent Stream program

Skilled Foreign Workers

The GTS stream has been expanded by the ESDC to include multiple eligible engineering positions.

Skilled Foreign Workers  (ESDC) Employment and Social Development Canada of Canada recently, on 22nd December, decided to expand the list of occupations that are considered eligible to be part of the (GTS) Global Talent Stream.

The ESDC is a department within the government tasked with the role of supporting Canada’s labor force. Hence the department has the authority to overview many immigration matters—including the issuance of (LMIAs) Labor Market Internal Assessments along with oversight of the GTS which is a work permit program with expedited processing created for the purpose of helping Canadian employers hire skilled foreign workers from different occupations in the technology sector.

With the help of the GTS, skilled foreign workers from one in 17 in-demand professions (included due to insufficient labor supply in Canada) can be hired by employers looking to hire skilled foreign workers by applying for and receiving a work permit. The GTS also aims to establish a service standard of two weeks for work permits.

List of new occupations added to the GTS?

The GTS list previously had 12 occupations but with the increase of five engineering roles, the list now stands at 17 occupations. The five additional occupations added to the list are as follows:

  • Civil Engineers (NOC code 21300)

  • Electrical and electronic engineer (NOC code 21310)

  • Mining engineers (NOC code 21330)

  • Aerospace engineers (NOC code 21390)

  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers, NOC code 21311).

Why have more occupations become eligible?

Depending on the needs of Canada’s labor market the number of eligible occupations on the GTS list can change, which means that the addition of new occupations from the engineering role reflects Canada’s need for skilled labor in the engineering department.

The year 2022 has constantly experienced a trend of Canada targeting immigrants from specific that the country’s labor market was high in demand.

These changes made to bring in skilled workers from specific occupations also include the following:

  • The introduction of the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot (NBCWP)—which works with six employers to directly address New Brunswick’s labor needs

  • The removal of barriers to permanent residence for physicians (amid historic labor shortages of healthcare workers) applying through Express Entry

  • The approval of Bill C-19; which grants the immigration minister the power to create groups in the Express Entry pool (based on policy needs like in-demand positions) and issue invitations to apply (ITAs) to these groups. Consequently, Express Entry will likely target occupations more in 2023.

With the continuous problem of high labor shortage, combined with a large number of the current labor force about to reach retirement age Canada is expected to continue targeting foreign skilled workers from specific Occupations depending on the needs of the labor market.

Moreover, the employers who wish to hire foreign skilled workers through the GTS will need to make sure that they have properly prepared applications; including developing a Labor Market Benefits Plan (LMBP) in order to demonstrate their commitment to activities that have a lasting, positive impact on the Canadian labor market. The applications can also be greatly complemented by an immigration lawyer to ensure completeness and compliance with program standards.

Five new occupations added to (GTS) Global Talent Stream program

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