LMIA Job Offer For Express Entry

Valid Job Offer For Express Entry

Navigating the Express Entry system is not an easy-peasy game, especially when it comes to understanding job offers. Let’s delve into the details to find some easy process that will help you grasp the essentials.

Understanding Valid Job Offers

From a Single Employer

Your job offer must come from just one employer. It ensures clarity and consistency in your employment scenario.

Consistent and Paid

It’s not just about having a job; it needs to be a consistent and paid position. After all, everyone needs continuous arrangements!


Your job should keep you busy for at least thirty hours per week. This ensures you’re contributing meaningfully to the Canadian workforce.

Not Seasonal

We’re looking for stability here. Seasonal jobs may not provide the consistent employment needed for Express Entry.

Valid for 52 Weeks

Your offer should extend beyond just getting your foot in the door. It should be valid for at least a year after securing the permanent residence visa.

NOC 0, A, or B

Jobs falling under these categories are considered skilled and essential to the Canadian economy.

Additional Requirements

LMIA Verification

Your employer must obtain a new LMIA confirming the offer. Lmia job offer for express entry adds an extra layer of assurance for the candidate and the Canadian government.

Valid Work Visa

On the other hand, if someone holds a valid work visa for a NOC 0, A, or B role, they are good to go. It portrays the eligibility and commitment of candidates to work in Canada.

Requirements for Federal Skilled Trades:

From Up to Two Employers

You’re not limited to just one employer here. You have the option to choose from various offers from up to two employers, as it gives flexibility in your job search.

Ongoing, Full-Time

In various streams, Canada needs job offers that should be ongoing and full-time. Such jobs ensure you are fully engaged in your trade.

Minimum One-Year Commitment

Stability is a fundamental thing. Your commitment should last at least a year, showcasing your commitment to your trade and your prospective employer.

Additional Requirements for Skilled Trades

LMIA or Work Permit

Your employer should provide a new LMIA or you should hold a recognized work permit. This ensures that your employment is legitimate and recognized by Canadian authorities.

Sorting Legitimate from Fraudulent Offers:

Example 1: Imagine two companies offering a heavy equipment operator position, each for at least sixteen hours per week. This is a clear and legitimate offer.

Example 2: On the other hand, a construction company offering a plumber position for only twenty-five hours per week isn’t up to par. It lacks the full-time commitment required for Express Entry.

Jobs Exempt from LMIA

Already Employed

If you’re already working on an LMIA-based permit, your employer might not need a new LMIA. Having a Lmia job offer for express entry can simplify the process for both you and your employer.

Certain Job Types

Some jobs simply don’t require an LMIA. If your job falls under this category, consider yourself exempt from this requirement.

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