Migration Amendment for subclass 485 and 887

COVID-19 Concessions, the Migration Amendment regulation 2020 commencing from 19th September means today. This new piece of legislation amending the Migration Regulations 1994. 

The purpose of this Migration Amendment:

It aims to assist Temporary and Provisional Visa holders. There are many problems raised after the outbreak of COVID-19 like border closures, business restrictions and general economic decline. 

This concession period after the legislation will start on February 1, 2020, and the end date is not mentioned yet. The end date will depend on the ongoing COVID-19 challenge. 

The Concession period applies to various visas like:

Skilled Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

This visa subclass 485 allows current graduates to live, work and study in Australia temporarily. It allows international students to satisfy Australian study requirements within 6 months after completing initial studies. Now the Skilled Graduate visa can be applied and be granted while the applicant is in or outside Australia. This concession period started after the new legislation on 19th September. 

Time of Application requirements:

There are also concessions regarding the time of Application requirements after new legislation:

  • Offshore applications are allowed now in the concession period. No requirement to hold a student visa within six months before lodging application.
  • To meet the Australian Study requirements time is extended from six months to 12 months for the applications which are affected by Covid-19. 
  • For offshore applications during the concession period, the visa will be granted regardless the applicant is in or outside Australia. And whether the concession period is ended or not. 

Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)

This is for the applicants who already have Skilled Provisional Visa and seeking permanent residence now. Subclass 887 is for those who lived in Regional Australia for two years and full-time work of one year. Previously this visa could be lodged onshore but after this new legislation, former visa holders can apply and be granted while outside Australia. But the condition is if the visa expires in the concession period. 

Concessions by New legislation for subclass 887:

The new legislation provides concessions regarding residence and work requirements for recent or former provisional visa holders. 

  • The applicant has to live in Regional Australia for six months or longer if the applicant was outside Australia during a concession period. 
  • The full-time work requirement is reduced from 12 months to 9 months.
  • The application will be obliged if it is made after three months from the end of the even concession period. 
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