Australian Financial Year Update

Australian Financial Year Update 2020-21

For the financial year of 2020-21, NSW has announced a limited number of interim nomination places. There are some temporary adjustments in the application process because of limited nomination places. Things will be adjusted later according to the more nomination places for this financial year. 

Australia-Business and Investor Visas:

For Business and Investor Visas interim nomination places are already filled for this financial year. Announcements will be on the website if further nomination places are provided by Home Affairs. Even now no timeframe is provided for the announcement of additional places. 

Australia-Skilled Visas:

For Skilled visas invitation rounds happens throughout the financial year. According to Home Affair applicants are only invited in specific Health, Engineering, and ICT occupations and for the people who are currently residing in NSW. 

We as Immigration Consultants will guide you about NSW nominations and eligibility for subclass 190 visas. We will also guide you about the eligibility for NSW nomination for subclass 491 visa. We must mention here for all visas subclasses there is no need to submit a new Expression of Interest in SkillSelect if currently, EOI is valid. 

Here if we talk about New South Wales Government provide a nomination for business, investors, and skilled migrants for the applicants who want to work, live, and invest in the state. 

If an applicant is interested in establishing business or investment in New South Wales, they are eligible for the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Visa Program under NSW nomination. 

Australia-Migration through Business and Investor:

Here several visa options are available. But the availability of these options depends on the applicants’ background and proposed activity in the state. 

Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132)

Significant Investor Visa

Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 188/888)

To know the details about eligibility we are here to guide you furthermore. 

Migration through Skilled Nomination New South Wales:

If an applicant wants to start their career in Australia and having a highly skilled occupation and in search of the opportunity to migrate to Australia. New South Wales nominations for Skilled Nominated (Provincial Visa) subclass 190 and subclass 491 which is Skilled Work Regional (Provincial Visa). 

Through this opportunity, skilled workers can enjoy lifestyle benefits, work opportunities, and services in the regions of New South Wales. 

Must visit Migration Resources which will assist you to move and settle in New South Wales. 

Australia-Visa Applications:

We must guide you here that the Commonwealth Department of Home Affairs has the responsibility for issuing visas to Australia. Visa issuance totally depends on the Home Affairs department and NSW nomination does not guarantee a positive visa. In fact, the NSW Treasury can not support any request if the visa application is refused by the Department of Home Affairs. 

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