491 VISA


Being 491 visa receptacle, you must have taken delivery of note let from The Ministry of

Interiors for provision of official papers. Attainment of hiring official papers on demand

providing The Ministry of Interiors intensive care for visa condition 8580 for your

Agreement. You do not need to get anxious while fulfilling the situations enforced upon

your visa. The acceding credential is a compulsion of  491 visa receptacles and

Termed condition 8580 throughout the checking phase.

TSS vs. 491 vs

Which official papers must have acceded to The Ministry of Interior?

The credential is to be demanded to the section authority must contain the

Current suburban and working address, sufficient enough for this demand, these

Credentials contain but are not inadequate to as follow:

 Occupational contract or Loan Official Papers

 Bank Statement of Address & dealings

 All residential Utility Bills

 Bank Statement of Address & dealings

 Cell Phone account

 Service agreement

 Company’s vicinity address document

 Educational record where studying

 Rate Notice

Why to succumb Credentials? What if not obey the Authority Section demand? 

The 491 visas are planned for the dwellers and workers in Australia to live in the

local area to enhance the local financials and to increase the labor force in such areas.

That’s why obligatory circumstances are enforced to the receptacles to live and labor in

the local area.

You must have to reply within the 28 days of requisition otherwise while

inadequacy of replying to the authority section you will fissure the Condition 8580, and

jeopardy for cancellation of visa under the section of the Migration Act 1958.

When to obtain the demand? 

If there is found any hostile evidence which is not in your favor to the authority

section, visa receptacles may receive the demand by the year or every 6 months,

maybe there is no request sent against the visa receptacles.

Never get worried that the information/credentials containing the address of the

home, educational institution, or employer are correct but still, it may happen that during

and after completion of agreements checking procedure, you may get this demand,

Whether your companion maybe 491 visa receptacle, did not get any such demand. But

Be guaranteed that you reply to the authority section in 28 days.

Australian Immigration For Subclass 491.

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