AAT average processing

AAT average processing time after lodgement 

We as a consulting faculty will guide you about the AAT average processing time after the lodgement of an application. Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) will send you a confirmation letter that will explain the further scenario. Also, details about the receiving application will be sent to the Department of Home Affairs. 

If the decision is not reviewed

Candidates have the opportunity to tell you the reasons for reviewing the decision. If the application is not valid then AAT has no jurisdiction of reviewing the decision. 

Even one can request to review the decision as a priority. Therefore explanation with proper reasons is required for evidence. 

Traveling overseas during the review

One has to contact AAT to check the status of the review if they want to arrange the travel overseas. Department of Home Affairs should be contacted if you want to travel to Australia and it affects your eligibility for a visa. AAT provides us with all the documentation and files which are related to the decision under review. 

Assurance of Support

If Assurance of Support AoS is required for a visa application then one has to provide evidence that it is lodged with Centrelink. Directly Department can not access Aos and even not responsible for this. 

Pre Hearing and Hearing 

Member is allocated for the decision to proceed and he will make the decision about the review. Before Hearing they can ask you:

  • For further information.
  • Any information that could be the reason for not changing the decision under review. 
  • The nomination of people who can provide evidence of material to obtain. 

And then the hearing is an opportunity to present yourself that why you disagree with the decision under review. 

Processing Time: 

Processing time depends on the range of factors like the number of applications, availability of members to conduct the review, type of a decision, different strategies, and complexity of the review.

Australian Immigration and Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT).

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