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Major announcement from Fraser regarding the future of Canadian immigration


Following this year September 1st, immigration Minister Sean Fraser decided to launch a new development program for the Canadian immigration system. The development’s main purpose is to enhance the experience of clients while reducing backlogs by creating an online service across the Canadian immigration system.

The need for such a development in the Canadian immigration system was made clear during the time of the pandemic lockdown and all the latest updates regarding the modern Canadian immigration system can be seen at Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


 New Features Introduced in the Canadian immigration system


Medical exam exemption for selected Canadian individuals

This new Canadian immigration system introduced by Fraser has brought many changes to enhance the client experience, one such change is the removal of immigration medical exam requirements for permanent or temporary resident applicants who are inside Canada. This is said to be done for the sole purpose of decreasing waiting time which is considered a hindrance by many clients and further measures such as hiring 1,250 new employees are also being taken to reduce the wait time even further by improving the processing capacity, all for the sake of client happiness


 Fully digitalized application methods are being introduced starting September 23


Starting September 23 in the new Canadian immigration system the IRCC will start a conversion of completely digitized application methods for a majority of permanent residence programs with other options being provided to those who want accommodations as well.

With the introduction of the new Canadian immigration system, the department for immigration has fully accomplished the conversion of immigration applications into digital since the previous January and it is predicted by the IRCC that this new method will be launched sometime during the summer or spring of 2022.


 Additional programs regarding application status trackers


Another aspect of the Canadian immigration system will include providing an application status tracker to seven more permanent and temporary residence programs similar to the ones introduced in February about spousal, partner, and dependent child sponsorship applicants along with the citizenship applicants status tracker introduced in May 2021, improving to accommodate representatives as well following this month.

The IRCC is also working on enhancing processing time to ensure they provide more accurate predictions on the time taken for processing applications on their online platform in the new Canadian immigration system.


 Improving Citizenship conditions


In August 2021 a new tool was launched by IRCC that allowed online submission for certain applications for citizenship for adults at the age of 18 and above and soon IRCC is aiming to make this tool available for those under 18 years of age as well.

With the introduction of the new Canadian immigration, the citizenship applicant number has far the expectations Canada had set for 2021-2022 with the admission of over 217,000 new citizens.

Modernizing the Canadian immigration system

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