USA student visa is a requirement for Pakistani students to study in the United States. Visas like F-1 visa or M-1 based on the study course and type of school. One must have to attain a visa before entering the United States. For temporary stay, one has to go for a non immigrant visa. Even a Visitor B visa is there to enroll in a short term recreational course of study. Any certificate or degree is not granted on a Visitor (B) visa. 

If any international student is applying through English language programs, there is no need for IELTS then. Same in the case of Bachelors or Masters Programs.

A lot of support systems are also there which help Pakistani students. This help includes tuition, food and living, transportation, course literature and personal expenses. Financial assistance to international students provided through grants and loans. Many brilliant students are also eligible for scholarships.

Before applying for a US F or M study visa, first, apply and get accepted by a SEVP approved school.

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