U.S giving away 55,000 green cards to foreigners

The U.S state department recently announced the registrations for Diversity Visa Program For Fiscal Year 2022. It is also known as the visa Lottery. It is the most popular program for foreigners who don’t have US sponsors. According to authorities, America will provide 55,000 permanent resident cards in 2022. 


Interested applicants must submit their application electronically from October 7, Wednesday until November 10, 2020.  Submit your applications here.

There is no cost for registration. The random selection process is there to select winners. 

These permanent resident visas are mostly given to the foreigners of the countries which have low immigration rates in the previous five years in America. 

Eligibility requirements

Simple but strict requirements to qualify for the Diversity Visa Program. As mentioned above, the application process is so simple. It doesn’t require the legal services of an immigration lawyer. We must consider the eligibility requirement before the submission of entries. 

Foreigners should be from qualifying countries.

Candidates must have a high school diploma and two years of work experience in the required field. 

Applicants should apply as soon as possible as excessive demand will slow the system and website delays afterwards.

Only going for one entry as a submission for more than one entry will consider you ineligible. 

People who are already living in America on legal but non-immigrant status can also apply for this Diversity Visa Program 2022. 

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