Updated Policy Manual for Family-Based Permanent Residence.

USCIS (USA) clears up its approach for Family-Based Conditional Permanent Residence.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has recently made changes to its Policy Manual regarding family-based conditional permanent residence. The updated Policy Manual now explains what noncitizens need to do when filing for waivers regarding battery or extreme cruelty. Applicants may still be eligible to adapt their permanent residence status on new grounds if they have had their conditional permanent residence status terminated due to not having filed Form I-751 before its due.

USCIS has also clarified the requirements of eligibility for an applicant to apply for a 2-year marriage immigration in the updated Policy manual:

  • Permanent residence status was on the grounds of marriage.
  • The marriage had a maximum time of 2 years before the status was obtained.

Conditional Permanent Residents are required to file Form I-751 for 90 days before 2 years have commenced of them having the conditional resident status if they desire to remove the conditions on it.

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