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Legally work in the United States in 2021 

Many individuals seek immigration in the United States for better opportunities and to create a dreamed life. If one has valuable experience along with expertise or has sufficient funds to start a business, they can get many more chances to get settled there. People want to work and live in the United States and want to get legal status. 

Here we will guide you about 5 ways to get settled in the United States. 

  • Get a Job offer 

One has to obtain a job offer from any qualifying United States employer. He usually files a petition on the behalf of you as you work there as an employee. Here we will mention some categories which include job offer:

H-1B visa 

It is the most popular US work permit for foreigners within specific occupations for the United State employers. Work occupation should be highly professional and individuals should be with a high level of skill. 

TN visa

This is for Canadians and Mexicans with a job offer in the US, TN visa will be granted under the USMCA agreement. It is the fastest way to get Work Visa in the United States. 

L1 Visa 

L1 visas are for employees working for companies that are not in the US such as in Canada and it has branches or joint ventures in the US. L1 is almost the best type of US work visa and transferred to an existing business in the United States. 

E3 visa

It is for eligible Australian nationals who want to work in the US within any specialty occupation. The visa is under the act of the Australian-United States Free Trade Agreement. 

  • Start a US Business

Individuals with sufficient funds available to those who are interested to start a US business: 

E2 visa 

This visa category is for investors and owners in businesses living in the United States. It is a Temporary US work visa for a specified investment. To achieve this visa there are certain requirements that should be met. 

E1 visa 

It is a Treaty Trade visa for the citizens of countries that the US has a treaty with. Although all countries are not eligible while business owners or investors.

L1 visa

It is a greater option for those seeking work in the US if they are transferred abroad to a US employer. It also allows the candidates to expand the business to the United State. 

  • Holding Extraordinary Ability Skills

O1 visa 

It is a temporary visa for people with extraordinary skills in science, arts, education, business, or athletics. Also for those who have a record of extraordinary performance in the television industry and motion picture with an acknowledgment. 

  • Studying the US 


Which are temporary employment opportunities for the non-immigrant student visa holder. Internships and Employment for students by the US government on F-1 visa practical training. 

  • Religious Workers 

R1 visa

It is for the nonimmigrant religious workers to work for religious organizations within the US. The religious group must be with a tax exemption and must be registered as a nonprofit in the United States.

US immigration and legally work in the United States.

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