On 10th December international human rights day Canada has joined 160 United Nation memeber state. Canada has joined this migration pact for United nation compact for Safe orderly and regular migration which is setting out 23 objectives to improve international cooperation for all kinds of migration.

These 23 objectives for safe orderly and regular migration are given below:

1. Provide accurate and timely information during all stages of migration.

2. Ensurance of legal proof of documentation and identity.

3. Enhace flexibility and availability of regular migration.

4. Collect and utilize accurate data at all stages of migration.

5. Cope with the adverse drivers and structural factors which compel people to leave their county of origin.

6. Facilitate fair recruitment

7. Prevent and eradicate trafficking in person.

8. Strengthen the laws at boundries in response to smmugling of migrants.

9. Save lives and do legislation on missing migrants.

10. Address and take measures to reduce vulnerabilities in migration.

11. Manage borders in secure and coordinated manner.

12. Use migration detention as last measure.

13. Strengthen procedure for screening, assessment and referral.

14. Consular protection, assistance should be enhanced throughout the migration cycle.

15. Provide access to basic sevices.

16. Encourage financial inclusion of migrants.

17. Invest in skill development and competences.

18. Eliminate all forms of discrimination

19. Empower migrants and involvement in social cohesion.

20. Create conditions for migrants to contribute fully for sustainable reintegration.

21.Establish mechanism for the probability of social security.

22. Cooperate in dignified return and readmission.

23. Strengthen international co operation for safe, orderly and regular migration.

The government of Canada has set new immigration target of 1.3 million new permanent residents between 2018 to 2021.


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