UK – The Target of 600,000 International Students by 2030:

The UK will target 600,000 International Students by 2030 according to the UK government. Although after the outbreak of the pandemic a number of International Students are impacted. According to the Home Office head of Student Migration Policy that this target for International students is completely attainable. 

The government wants to increase the number of International Students in the country during the post-pandemic era. The new immigration system should be planned in a way that the new policy should be successful and simple. To study in the UK is like to get the chance to study in globally known universities and candidates can get amazing career opportunities. Candidates can have the life experience of working and studying in the UK. 

New Immigration System:

The first rule of the new Immigration System by the UK government launched on October 5, 2020. The rest of the steps will be launched on December 1st, 2020, it includes flagship points which are based on a worker route system. The new Graduate route is the most important part of this system and it will be launched by the summer of 2021. 

The New Immigration Rule and its Benefits:

According to the new Immigration rule, once the candidate is on the route, no maintenance requirements are needed. No English language and sponsorship requirements will be required for the candidates. Candidates need to be able to successfully complete the courses. The candidates who complete the degree at the master level will then be able to work in any profession for two years at any skill level. 

But the candidates who complete a doctoral-level degree program for those working will be three years. 

Further Suggestions regarding this:

The government should have spoken about the candidates who completed two years’ degrees outside and two years inside the UK. 

The Home Office should clear the criteria of whether the candidate is eligible or not for the routing system. 

An effective system should be arranged by which the Home Office comes to know about the completion of the course by candidates.

Study in the UK as an international student

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