Turing Scheme

Touring Scheme, The UK’s global program to study and work abroad 

Turing Scheme is a program offered by the British Government for UK students as an opportunity to complete the study in the UK. It is an international study and work program to help the students in their studies. Turing Scheme is replacing Erasmus Scheme and named after the Mathematician and Computer Scientist, Alan Turing. It is a 100 Million Euros study and work program for international students. 

Around 35,000 students will be awarded funds for the programs starting from September 2021. This scheme is to empower young people with disadvantaged backgrounds to level up the socio-economic inequalities. 

It will be beneficial for both students and employers and provide opportunities to study abroad. Students can get an opportunity to study in the best universities around the globe including Harvard, the University of Toronto, Yale, and MIT. 

Eligibility for Turing Scheme 

Many institutes which provide higher education can provide for the Turing Scheme on behalf of students. Students can take part in this scheme whether they are part-time or full-time students. Try to be in contact with your provider as funding varies depending upon which country you are visiting. It is a great opportunity for many international students but we must consider the following things: 

  • Health and other Medical issues must be considered. 
  • This requires a lot of traveling for students, after the outbreak of pandemics especially these days, it could be a problem for students. 
  • Traveling should be done by train along with all the precautionary measures.
  • Quarantine and vaccination should be compulsory to continue this program without any problem.

UK immigration and Turing Scheme.

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