Top ten jobs in Toronto for 2024

Toronto is an amazing place due to its diverse culture and flourishing economy. It offers unlimited job opportunities. Here we will explore the top 10 jobs in demand for 2024 and the average salaries for job openings.

  1. Software Engineer/Developer

These tech experts create and support software for different platforms.

Annual salary: $85,000–$120,000

Number of Job Openings: 5,000 plus

  1. Data Scientist/Analyst

They analyze complex data sets. As depicted by their name they help organizations make data-driven decisions.

Annual Salary: $75,000–$110,000

Job Openings: 3,500

  1. Registered Nurse

Nurses provide basic care in hospitals and clinics.

Annual Salary: $70,000–$95,000

Job Openings: 4,000 plus 

  1. Financial Analyst

These wizards evaluate financial data to aid in decision-making.

Annual Salary: $65,000–$90,000

Job Openings: 2,800 plus 

  1. Marketing Manager

These professionals create strategies to boost brand visibility and customer engagement.

Annual Salary: $75,000–$110,000

Job Openings: 2,500 plus 

  1. Cybersecurity Analyst

With a rise in cyber threats, these experts protect digital assets.

Annual Salary: $80,000–$115,000

Job Openings: 3,200 plus

  1. Project Manager, IT/Construction

They oversee projects to ensure timely completion and stick to the budget.

Annual Salary: $90,000–$130,000

Job Openings: 2,000 plus

  1. Human Resources Manager

HR managers work to recruit, train, and manage employees.

Annual Salary: $80,000 to $110,000

Job Openings: 2,300 plus

  1. Business Development Manager

They identify new business opportunities and foster growth.

Annual Salary: $85,000 to$120,000

Job Openings: 2,700 plus 

  1. Electricians

These experts install, maintain, and repair electrical systems.

Annual Salary: $60,000–$90,000

Job Openings: 3,500 plus

jobs in Toronto market come up with various opportunities across various sectors. In tech, healthcare, finance, or construction, stay updated with relevant skills. It will enhance career prospects. Embrace the dynamic jobs in Toronto in 2024 and beyond with the help of Asif Consulting

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