The University of New England

The University Of New England with a reduction in Tuition Fees for the year 2021-22

Pakistani students who want to graduate from foreign universities, especially Australia, are top-ranked among all destinations. But for this purpose, one must be able to afford accommodation and tuition fees to study there. The international students studying in Australia have to spend 21,000 to 27000 AUD almost as a living expense while a degree program can cost 22,000 to 50,000 AUD. Such a high expense for living and study is somehow unaffordable for many students. 

The University of New England is now offering all the ease in accommodation and fees. Even the scholarship provided for respective degree programs for the year 2021-22. But the scholarship is Region Specified. 

University of New England International Bursary 

It is a program to provide ease in tuition fees and expenditure as it is offering the reduction in enrollment for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered for 2021-22. Here are some terms and conditions regarding this program are given below:

  • It is not necessary to get a scholarship if anyone gets admission to the University of New England. 
  • UNE units are required to successfully complete the course. 
  • Not eligible for the students if they are sponsored for their studies at the time of applying or during studies. 
  • This Bursary award is not paid in cash but applied to your study account. 
  • It covers only a reduction in fees but doesn’t help in living or health expenses. 
  • It is not transferable to other students. 
  • This program is for 2021 or 2022 and students can not transfer courses even in a similar discipline. 

For Sub-continent students

International Students from the subcontinent including Pakistan are offered a reduction of 30% in tuition fees. Students within the following fields with undergraduate programs are considered for this Bursary Program. 

  • The undergraduate program in Nursing.
  • Masters degree in Business Administration.
  • Data Science 
  • Environmental Science and Engineering.
  • IT
  • Accounting 
  • Agriculture
  • Scientific studies. 

Accommodation Programs

The University of New England is offering an accommodation program for International Students to cover living expenses. Which includes

  • Accommodation valued at up to $11,000 is granted.
  • Free access to wifi and the internet. 
  • Helps to cover your utility bills.
  • Campus security by 24/7
  • Free transportation 
  • Facilities in other residential activities.

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