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The UK Government and Student Visa Policy 2021 

The UK Government has proposed a new visa policy for 2021 for a student visa. International students who want to study in the UK from 2021 will have to go through a point-based immigration system. The home office has decided and made this announcement in September. Previously it was a Tier 4 General UK visa and now will be replaced with a new policy. This new policy will be implemented from 5 October and onwards. 

In this new policy,  an unlimited number of students from all of the globe.

The UK student visa and eligibility criteria 

To achieve 70 points for the grant of UK student visa, students must have the following achievements:

An official acceptance letter.

Candidates must have an IELTS certificate. 

Financial proof to support studies and living in the UK. 

Best time to Apply:

If you are living outside of the UK you have to apply before six months for a visa. While living in the UK one has to apply before three months of their course is started. Applicants must keep in mind that they have to apply before the expiry of the current visa. 

Travel to the UK:

One can travel before a week before the academic session is started if the course is for more than 6 months. If the course duration is less than 6 months then the applicant can travel before a month before the course is started. 

Stay of a student in the UK:

The stay of any international student in the UK depends on the length of the course. For a degree level course, any candidate can stay in the UK for up to 5 years. And if the course is below degree level then an International student can stay in the UK for up to 2 years. 

Student visa cost and extension: 

Outside of the UK student visa cost 348 pounds and 

If the student visa extend then the cost is 475 pounds 

Visa is extendable for the eligible candidates.

According to the new policy, the Government of the UK allowed doing work in the UK during their studies. But the working depends upon the nature of working and studies. 

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