Temporary Residents

Temporary Residents can extend their stay

Temporary Residents with current status which is expiring soon and can never fly back to home. If Foreign Nationals are facing that their residency status is expiring soon they can now extend their stay in Canada. Even the Temporary Residents who never left Canada due to Corona Virus travel restrictions now can apply to extend their status. They have to provide an explanation to the IRCC that why they need to stay in Canada. 

Procedure and Criteria 

Temporary Residents have to apply online for the extension of their stay in Canada. They have to apply prior to the expiration of the current status. Candidates should meet all the requirements which include required Biometric fees. Until the decision is made on their application, candidates get the maintained status and can stay in Canada. So a sudden work on their application is not needed and they can stay till the result of the decision made. 

Specific fee waiver under the public policy and there is no other option for temporary residence applications or extensions. 

If the Temporary Status is expired

If the Temporary status is expired they can apply for the restoration within 90 days. But the restoration and processing fees are applicable. Candidates who want to apply for restoration must be in Canada between January 30, 2020, to May 31st, 2021 with valid temporary status. The processing fee for restoration is $200. 

Extensions and Restoration for Temporary Residents in Canada.

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