Subclass 300

Subclass 300, Prospective Marriage visa is eligible for travel exemptions 

There is an eligibility of travel exemptions for the prospective marriage visa which is subclass 300. There are certain exemptions from the travel restrictions for certain categories and individuals. 

Travel Restrictions and exemptions 

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Australian borders are strictly closed to prevent the spread. One can travel to Australia if they get an exception. That depends on the circumstances surrounding the latest updates. Exemption requests could be made under different categories or as an individual. 

Exemptions for the Subclass 300, Prospective Marriage Visa

Candidates unders Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 can get exemptions under the following circumstances. 

  • Where the marriage prospective visa has been granted.
  • The application for the visa was lodged at least 12 months before submitting any travel exemption request. In other words that one must have applied for the visa on or before August 18th, 2020. 

Before travelling to Australia one must have approved exemption from travel restrictions. One has to request online and provide evidence of exemption to support your demand. All documents related to exemption must be translated into English. 

Exemption should be approved two weeks before your planned travel but it should not be more than two months. 

Application for Exemption

One can apply for exemption using the Travel Exemption Portal which could be finalised in a minimum 7 days. For the completion of application one must hold a visa or have applied for it. Along with all the documentation supporting the exemption request. These documents include following things:

  • Identity proof
  • Evidence of holding valid visa 
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Birth, Marriage, death certificates
  • Proof of relationship
  • Letter showing travel necessity which could be from a doctor or hospital
  • Employer letter
  • Supporting letter from business if you lie under critical skills category
  • Statutory Declaration

Travel exemption does not mean that you will get a direct flight to Australia. It will depend on circumstances and if you travel, keep the evidence of exemption with you. 

Australian Immigration for Subclass 300.

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