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Study in Sweden expenses include education, living, food, transport expenses, etc. Sweden is one of the leading Country in terms of providing higher education among the many countries in the world. Studying in Sweden can be of great benefit to you. The education standards of Sweden prioritize gives more importance to self study. Their education standards give you learning opportunities to be independent rather than getting aid entirely from teachers.

 Every year the number of student who migrates to Sweden is continuously increasing. However if you wish to be among those students you need to prepare first. To avoid future hardships such as inquiring about the living and education expenses of Sweden beforehand.

 College Tuition Expenses For EU/EEA Students:

Students who have citizenship of EU/EEA, any Nordic country and Switzerland are given special privileges. It also expend them from paying any fees if they are attempting to get Bachelor or Masters, degree and all foreign students are free from PHD course expenses.

For non EU/EEA students:

For students outside EU/EEA countries it is compulsory to pay tuition expenses. The studying costs vary according to the course, profession and university you take. Normal expenses can be around 7500 to 25,500 EUR annually. They are also expected to pay a fee for applying in a university which is about 90 EUR but can change depending on the university.

Students can also participate in community student unions. It allows you to participate in student activities and get student discounts but a small fee of SEK 50 to 359 is still needed per semester.

Applying to study in Sweden

Living Expenses:

Unfortunately Sweden has above European average living expenses. The per month expenditure can be up to 700-1,200 EUR.

Examples of different city living expenses:

  • From 750-1,200 EUR/month [Uppsala]
  •  Around 850 EUR/month [Linkoping and Lund]
  • Around 1,250 EUR/month [Gothenburg , Stockholm]

Study In Sweden – Complete Session

Watch our complete Session by Mr. Asif Malik & Mr.Usman explaining the criteria about Sweden study in detail and have a specific guideline about Sweden Study procedure.

study in Sweden session

Accommodation Cost:

When travelling to other countries, living accommodations are the first problem you need to solve. Universities can often help you with such things. They provides information on dormitories for students or other residences.

Dormitories can be a good option as you can interact and socialize with more foreign students like yourself. The cost of such accommodations is only between 240-620 EUR/month which is cheaper compared to others.

If dormitories are not to your liking then you can choose to rent an apartment. Although the price range is higher between 350-700 EUR/month. It comes with more benefits like you can have your friends accompany you in the apartment. You can also share the expenses and you can avoid being alone.

Food Expenses:

While thinking about other living necessities costs it raises the question.

how much the food in Sweden might cost?.

The expenses of your food will mostly depend on your eating habits. Factors such as whether you can cook or not, or if you prefer to eat homemade dishes or fancy restaurants. Eating normal meals in a restaurant can cost up to 8 to 10 EUR whereas eating big lavish meals cost 45 to 65 EUR so you should expect to spend at least 200 EUR per month.

Travelling Expenses:

In Sweden, students travel either by mechanical vehicles through car, bus,or bicycles. Transportation by mechanical vehicles is largely favored by most students to get to their university and it costs them 40 to 55 EUR per month. In comparison only 27% of the students favor bicycles but this transport only costs about 110 EUR once. It can be used to travel throughout the city, so for students who do not mind some exercise this is the better choice both physically and financially.

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