Study Abroad Preparations during lockdown

21 Tasks to complete for your abroad study during covid 19

1: Stay Home, Stay Safe 

The covid19 virus is a major reason for you to stay inside your homes avoid contact with others and apply safety measures for self, protection and as for questions on visa application or procedure for admission you can choose a visa agency such as Asif Consulting online advising classes

2: Always be updated

 During this dangerous situation of coronavirus it is important to know the changes being made in education institutions of foreign countries in regards to travelling, applying for abroad education institutes, new timings for admission procedure etc.

3: Keep Researching

You need to keep searching on the internet to obtain new chances for applying for abroad studies. This research can include any upgrade on a certain country, university, province etc. What matters is you keep searching.

4: Find your passion

These days of lockdown give you a good opportunity to decide on which future profession you would like to devote yourself to and choose subjects regarding this profession in  your studies abroad. Be certain that you are clear in this matter.

5: Explore education institutions

When you decide to study abroad you should choose a number of institutes in regards to your wanted profession. Then choose the one which can provide you the most benefits in your profession and will provide some benefit that will make it easier for you to study there. Our advising classes can help you in making this decision.

6: Plan your intake

It is very important to decide on what you consume during this period of coronavirus and take care that your consumption does not go against any lockdown restrictions of that country.

7: Choose and Apt English proficiency

It is also very important to take parts in tests that can improve your English such as IELTS or PTE to have a greater chance of being admitted in foreign universities. You should choose one which is more favoured by your desired university.

8: Get enrolled for coaching

You should participate in preparation classes for IELTS or PTE and other such programs as they are all important factors that will be considered for your admission in foreign universities. However since it is dangerous to go out during coronavirus you can get help in your IELTS preparation from Asif  Consulting  online services.

9: Comprehend Admission Process

You should understand the entire admission procedure for the foreign college/university you want to apply for and due to lockdown home services have been given for you to ask us for help or advice though the visa procedure, admission procedure etc we will provide professional help in all matters.

10: Enlighten yourself with basic requirements

Be aware of all things you need to complete when you are doing application related tasks such as required personal information submission and physical condition information

11: Get through with student visa process

While you are at home search the web for information on student visa procedures that are related to the country you want to immigrate to for studying.

12: Prepare a checklist

Similar to how we need to collect all our books before starting our new class you should make a list of things you need to prepare before you go to study abroad.

13: Start your preparations 

Whether you are participating in PTE or IELTS  you should study. Start your hard for them and  as the more marks you get the better institute you can apply for so you should participate in Asif Consulting  online IELTS classes.

14: Keep Practicing

Keep up with your studies and keep working hard daily in regards to IELTS and PTE modules. If any problems occur Asif Consulting can provide you with the necessary services.

15: Preplan all the formalities

In order to apply a proper systematic approach it is necessary for you to plan things beforehand. You should make sure you have done all necessary paperwork and all requirements of the institute like biometrics and documents are at hand.

16: Avail, Counseling services

 Getting help from professionals is very important for you to ensure you don’t make any mistakes, for example we at Asif Consulting will be sure to prepare you for all circumstances through home services.

17: Take follow-ups

You should take frequent reminders from the experienced advisor to about your application timings any changes that are currently in progress

18: Get done with applications

Make sure not to miss this, it is very crucial for you to fulfill all your applications regarding visa and admission for submission.

19: Look for opportunities

You should always be on the lookout for opportunities, make a variety of choices and study where it is more beneficial for you.

20: Indulge in online sessions

Professionals like those in Asif consulting have taken the opportunity from the lockdown to start online classes to prepare students for IELTS and PTE to make use of their time.

21: Be ready

And finally make appropriate use of the spare time that you have to complete all necessary preparations to avoid any future problems. If more information is needed contact Asif Consulting for reference

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