Skills Assessment for a University lecturer

If a University lecturer is going to apply for a skill assessment. At the very first stage, one should understand the criteria for this specific occupation. The Australian University sector is a world-class kind of thing as most of the staff have PhDs internationally. 

A University Lecturer is who conducts tutorials and lectures in one or more subjects of study. And conducts research in any particular field of knowledge or any prescribed course of study at University. This occupation requires teaching and research activity both in the academic field. 

Evidence by University Lecturer

For the skill assessment of this occupation, applicants have to provide evidence of qualifications and employment. Qualifications are assessed according to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level. 

Applicants for this occupation have to provide evidence of highly relevant tasks, like

Conducting lectures, tutorials, laboratory sessions and seminars.


Conducting the research in a particular field of knowledge. 

Key Requirements for Skills Assessment

  • The Qualification is assessed as compared to the educational level of Australian Qualifications Framework Bachelor’s degree or higher. Qualification should be assessed in a relevant field of study and area of teaching and research. 
  • For University Lecturer accredited Universities and affiliated colleges are included. Statement of Service is required from the University employer which confirms related tasks.
  • Highly Relevant tasks include teaching and research and the applicant is paid to perform both tasks. Employment experience requirement is a minimum one year in a specific skill level. 
  • Comprehensive list of research required in the last five years before lodging application for skill assessment. Demonstration of Research is mandatory and provides much information to show eligibility. 
  • Employment is fully paid and if University allows you to pursue further studies in the relevant area of research or teaching. 
  • Provide a comprehensive overview of achievements and professional activities. As University Lecturers can enlist their awards, grants, conferences and achievements. Do not forget your CV for a skill assessment application. 

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