Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190

Skilled Nominated visa Permanent (subclass 190)

The NSW Skilled Nominated visa occupation list, subclass 190 is by the ANZCSO unit group. To be able to get nominated the individual must have an occupation that needs to be eligible for both permanent Skilled Nominated Visa, Visa subclass 190, and the ANZSCO unit group.

Moreover, one cannot directly apply to the NSW nomination, as NSW uses a process through selection-based invitations. It then ensures the NSW nominees are aligned with the skills needs of the economy of states. This process is highly competitive. However, there are no set dates for the invitation rounds and can occur throughout the financial year.

NSW invitation round will consider those who are eligible for the Skilled Nominated Visa, have already submitted their EOI in the selected Skill, and are having a valid skilled assessment in any occupation being listed in the ANZSCO unit group.

Updates on the offshore candidates

Within some ANZSCO unit groups, the offshore candidates who are skilled in occupations are now going to be considered in the invitation rounds. For that, the work experience requirement is three years of work experience in the nominated or related occupations that are included in the ANZSCO unit group.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491)

Stream 1

For any NSW region, you can submit an ROI and your occupation will come under stream 1 and you are going to be eligible under this stream.

Stream 2 and 3

If you’re eligible under either Stream 2 or 3 then you can submit an ROI and that can be counted for any NSW region

You can now directly apply to the NSW nomination and be part of the selection-based invitation of NSW.

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