New Germany Skilled Immigration Rules

New Germany Skilled Immigration Rules

Germany to resolve its significant shortage of workers, revised its skilled immigration rules for countries not included in the European Union. The revision to the rules will come into effect in 3 stages with the first stage coming into effect on 18th November 2023.

EU Blue Card

There is no longer a German language requisite for academic or qualified workers from third-world countries for the EU Blue Card. Entry-level and in-demand jobs will now have their annual salary limits lowered to just about €40,000. Other occupations will have their limit set at €44,000, these occupations will now cover educators and nurses. The EU Blue Card can also be granted to skilled workers who do not have a university degree, exclusively for the IT sector.

Right of Residence

Resident permits are now applicable to proficient workers with either professional or academic qualifications if they meet the requirements. Skilled workers with experience also no longer need to have their qualifications recognized by Germany if their country of birth recognizes them or if they have minimum 2 years of professional experience.

Qualifications and Training

Individuals who are required to undertake training to obtain a qualification to equal their foreign training can reside in Germany for a total of 3 years and work up to a total of 20 hours per week alongside their training. The right to work part-time will also be allowed to students. Skilled workers can also enter Germany to work during the procedure to recognize their qualifications. This stay can be increased to 3 years. Requirements consist of having a professional qualification of a minimum of 2 years and no less than an A2 level of German.

Family Reunification

Skilled workers will be forced to prove they can support the livelihoods of their underage children and spouses, but are not required to prove if they have sufficient residence. From March 2024, if their residency permits are valid they will be allowed to bring their parents or parents-in-law.

Opportunity Card

A new introduction in June will be the Opportunity Card for individuals with equivalent foreign qualifications. The cardholders will be permitted to reside in Germany for a year to look for work, under the requirement of being able to demonstrate financial independence. There is a requisite of a university degree or vocational qualification of a minimum of two years. A1-level German or B2-level English will also be required. A limit of 20 hours per week will be set on Opportunity Card holders inclusive of a probation period. An extension of a maximum of two years can be granted to workers with contracts for qualified employment.

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