Short Term Stream

Transitional Provisions and Short Term Stream Renewal is about to end

Short Term Stream applicants have an occupation on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List. And applicants must be outside Australia so they have to submit a TSS visa or renewal application if under certain conditions: 

  • If the applicants possess more than one short-term stream TSS visa. 
  • Applicants within Australian borders while submitting their most recent TSS visa application.


  • These things are compliant with any international trade obligation. 

Applicants for permanent residence and are current or former subclass 457 visa holders, several provinces will end it in March 2022. If we talk about Transitional options, it is for those who have subclass 457 visas on April 18, 2017. They can apply to select Employer Nomination Scheme employees in subclass 186, ENS visas. 

Temporary Residence Transition Stream

ENS visa applicants under the Temporary Residence Transition Stream can apply for permanent residence under the following requirements: 

  • Previously it was 45 years but now the maximum age limit is 50 years. 
  • The nominee must have worked under a nominating employer and qualify for the work period. And that qualifying work period is two years now while previously it was three years. 
  • And eventually, the nominated occupation is not needed to be on the Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills List. 

Basic Points 

Short-term TSS Temporary Skill Shortage visa applicants can not apply for a third TSS visa while living in Australian borders. 

The Australian will end the Employer Nomination Scheme Transitional Program on March 18, 2022. 

Main Changes

Now the Australian government is tightening restrictions on TSS visa holders. These applicants want to renew their TSS visas while living within Australian borders. The ending date for the Transitional Programs for the Employer Nomination Scheme has an ending date of March 18, 2022. 

Australian Immigration and Short Term Stream.

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