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International Student, guideline to move and get settled in Canada 

Asif Consulting will guide you to move and get settled in Canada as an International Student. We will provide you a step to step guide which will guide you study and work in Canada. After enrollment in Designated Learning Institutions, a study permit is issued by the Canadian Government to foreign nationals. 

Step 1: Enrollment in a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)

Before applying for a study permit one has to decide the institution. Which are known as Designated Learning institutions. All of the primary and secondary schools are considered DLIs in Canada while a list of post-secondary DLIs is given here.

After getting an acceptance letter from a DLI one can apply and attach the letter with your application. 

Step 3: Meeting the eligibility requirements 

Along with an Acceptance letter from a DLI there are certain other requirements to get a study permit. These requirements include: 

  • Proof of funds showing enough money to deal with tuition fees and living expenses as well as return expenses. 
  • No criminal record is required along with a police certificate. 
  • Get under a medical exam to prove your good health. 
  • You have to prove that you will leave after the permit expires. 

Step 4: Documentation order

To apply for a study permit one has to provide the following documents. 

  • Proof of Acceptance from school. 
  • Proof of Identity along with a valid passport, travel documents and two passport size photos. 
  • Proof of Financial Support

Along with the documents mentioned above, one could be asked about following documents: 

  • Letter of Explanation depicting the reasons for study and responsibilities while living in Canada. 
  • CAQ for Quebec issued by the government du Quebec. 
  •  For minors Custodian declaration.
  • For other documents according to your country, you have to check the visa office. 

Step 5: Application for Study Permit

You have the option to complete the application online or use a paper copy. There are different instructions according to the location of the applicant whether in Canada or outside Canada. One has to follow instructions accordingly which are given here. 

Step 6: Arrival in Canada 

After arrival in Canada, you have to meet some basic necessities before starting school. 

  • Find a place for accommodation, it could be living on campus or utilize off campus options. 
  • Set up a mobile plan according to student plans and packages. 
  • Find a job which is most probably a part-time job while you attend school. Explore different employment opportunities or try to build business relationships with people and organisations. It will help you to get good work even after your graduation. 
  • Open a bank account to secure financial set up. It will help to build credit history. 

Canadian Immigration for International Students.

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