Saskatchewan PNP alliances

Canada’s immigration is entering a new era where the province wants to have more control than the federal government.

On July 28, 2022, the Saskatchewan government released a statement that has great control over the immigration system.

The statement come on the same day the Saskatchewan minister attended a meeting, in this meeting Canadian government includes his federal counterpart.

The biggest out of this meeting is the government is agreeing to develop a multiple-year PNP   Provincial Nominee Program by March 31, 2023.

These PNP allowances to each province over the period of time for 3 years will help the government to overcome their economic crises and support their economic development growth.

Such support is still not enough for supporting the local economic development.

Saskatchewan PNP alliances are requesting a new immigration deal with the federal government similar to the one Quebec has. Due to its unique francophone character in Canada.

Quebec has strong control over immigration all over Canada’s ten provinces and their 3 territories.
Under the Quebec Accord, signed in 1991 the province has the ability to set its own immigration levels,  select its all economic class immigrations, and control temporary residence admissions.
Also, have full control over the settlement funding provided by the federal government.

Canada’s nine other provinces the Yukon and the Northwest Territories have agreed on bilateral immigration with the federal government. This agreement enables the operation of the PNP.

Saskatchewan PNP alliances Allocation:

Saskatchewan’s current allocation is 6,000 principle applications for 2022, but it believes 13,000 would be fair because it’s a proportional sharing of Saskatchewan of all the Canadian immigration.

While Canada’s PNP targets are at high records. Some provinces are arguing that with the distribution of over 80,000 immigrants across the eleven provinces that run the PNP in which they face a significant shortage of labor. The recent significance of their development cannot be understood. The federal government selected all the immigrants to Canada.

Since the introduction of PNP in 1998, the pendulum of government has two levels now sharing a rough equability split of economic class immigrant selection. The government wants to continue the family and refugee class admissions.

Further, it’s a government decision to control further over immigration. It certainly has the ability to reduce the number of immigrants which bring in the pathway such as Express Entry and increase the proportion of immigrants through PNP. However, it’s seen the government has the appetite to reduce its control.  Either way, the stance of the province wants to represent a new era in Canada’s immigration system

Canadian Province is seeking new changes on immigration

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