Requirement for getting a Portuguese Work permit.

Requirement for getting a Portuguese Work permit.

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Requirements Portugal Work permit:

 Types of Work Visas in Portugal: 

Due to a massive labor shortage, Portugal is inviting hundreds of Labours from all across the world with handsome salary packages. The European Union includes Portugal as a member (EU). Work without a permit is permitted for citizens of other EU members in Portugal. They do not require a visa either, but they must submit an application for a residence card within six months of arriving in Portugal to seek employment. For travel to Portugal, non-EU nationals must get a visa from their home country. There are three varieties of resident permits available in Portugal:

Category 1: Visa for indefinite residence
Category 2: Visas for relocation for kin of Portuguese nationals
Category 3: Resettlement passport for a family of Portugal’s long-term noncitizen residents
The employee can visit Portugal after getting the necessary visa. The visa must be changed into a resident permit within four months. In order to legally work in Portugal, an additional permit is necessary.

Requirements to get Portugal Work Visas :

For someone to be granted a visa, they must also provide the following paperwork with their completed visa application:

a current passport with at least two blank pages
a document stating the purpose of the trip, such as a letter of invitation from the company

  1. Evidence of health and insurance coverage
  2. a color passport photo
  3. biometric information for facial recognition, such as fingerprints and digital pictures
  4. documented reservations for flights
  5. Evidence of lodging in Portugal, such as a residential address or a hotel reservation

Portugal requires a visa for entry. A different procedure must be followed in order to obtain a work permit. Employees must provide the following paperwork in order to apply for a work permit, or Autorizaço de Trabalho:


  1. a current Portuguese residency permit
  2. evidence of lodging in Portugal
  3. a current passport
  4. two color photographs from a passport relevant tax records
  5. Criminal history checks on the background
  6. an agreement for employment proof of Social Security enrollment

Application Method
Your staff must apply for a visa through the Portuguese Consulate in their nation. The aforementioned records must be provided. Portuguese officials may need two to three months to process the application and issue a visa. Portugal entry is possible with this visa.

The employee will have to apply for a work permit after receiving the visa. Specialized talents will increase the likelihood that non-EU workers will be granted a work permit.

The work permit application can be made by either the employer or the employee. In any case, it will move through the regional directorate or the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEAF) Delegation of the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). The

A work permit may require up to 60 days to process.

A visa and work permit must first be obtained before the employee can depart for Portugal and start working there. They must register with Social Security, obtain a tax code from their local Director-General of Taxes (Direcça-Geral dos Impostos) branch, and obtain their residency card from the SEF.

Other Crucial Points
Workers should be aware that after residing in Portugal for five years, they are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

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