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Quebec Immigration, Food Production Workers Pilot Program is open now

Quebec Immigration is open now for Food Production Workers as it is open now from March 24, 2021. This new pilot for Temporary Food production workers is actually a pathway to Quebec Immigration. 

What is the right time to apply?

Applications under this stream for this year are open from March 24 to October 31. This program will close in January 2026. MIDI plans to select 550 candidates every year by this pilot program. 

Quebec Food Production Workers Pilot 

This program is specified for the applicants working in food or beverages production in Quebec. Following occupations lie under this program: 

  • 6732 – Specialized Cleaners 
  • 8431 – General Farmworkers 
  • 9461 – Food and Beverages Processing, Process control, and machine operators.
  • 9462 – Meat Cutters and Industrial Butchers, Poultry related workers. 
  • 9463 – Seafood and Fish plant workers.
  • 9617 – Labourers in Food and beverage processing. 
  • 9618 – Labourers in Fish and Seafood processing. 


This pilot program requires:

  • The applicant with two years of experience in the last three years in the Food or beverages production industry. 
  • Full-time work in mentioned sectors currently in Quebec. 
  • French language proficiency with level 7. 
  • Acquire a High School Diploma (DES) or a Diploma in Vocational Studies (DEP). 

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