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Quebec Announced deals to help and hire to get back temporary foreign workers

Canada is working on temporary changes for the ease of temporary workers in Quebec. After a lot of negotiation Quebec has come to deal with an agreement with the Federal Government. They are on their way to implement three new measures which will help employers and businesses to deal with labour shortage. 

Quebec has done an agreement with Ottawa to solve the current labour shortage crisis. Labour shortages already exist in the province, getting worse after the outbreak of the pandemic. 

New Measures by Quebec 

Here are three following measures which will be implemented in the coming days. 

  • The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) will be more flexible and will facilitate hiring. 
  • Open work permit provision for some CSQ Certificate de selection du Quebec holders already waiting for Quebec Permanent Residence. 
  • CSQ holders are issuing work permits now to those who are abroad or waiting for permanent residence.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Increase of limit for Temporary Foreign Worker Program, there is increase in employment for certain sectors. It will include low-skilled, high-demand occupations for facilitated processing. The work force rate is 10 percent for the companies that hire foreing workers. 

Open work permit for the permanent residency applications 

Quebec allows temporary foreign workers to work in the province in a job of their choice to obtain permanent residence. Candidates can get a bridging open work permit while waiting for the decision for permanent residence application. But it is not for those who applied through the province of Quebec. 

International Mobility Program Plus 

Quebec has an agreement with the Federal Government under the International Mobility Program (IMP). There would be an annual issuance of 7,000 work permits from LMIA to some CSQ holders who are still abroad. Quebec has to raise the range of employment to increase labour needs to deal with the economy. 

Canadian Immigration and Quebec Temporary Foreign Workers.

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