Public Consultations for 2024 Immigration Targets By IRCC

To set the 2024 immigration levels plan, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has launched public consultations. It can provide you a platform to share worthy views on how many new immigrants Canada should welcome each year.

Upcoming Multi-Year Immigration Plan

In November, Immigration Minister Marc Miller will announce the Immigration Levels Plan for 2025-2027. This plan will set the number of new permanent residents Canada aims to admit each year. It includes both new arrivals from abroad and temporary residents transitioning to permanent status.

New This Year: Temporary Resident Targets

For the first time, Canada is also setting annual targets for new temporary residents, such as international students and temporary workers. This broader approach will help better plan for the resources and support newcomers need.

How to Participate? 

The public consultation platform will remain open until June 30, 2024. Canadian citizens, stakeholders, and immigration experts can share their opinions easily. You can participate by filling out an online survey provided by IRCC.

Current Immigration Targets

Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new permanent residents in 202. However, it will be increasing to 500,000 annually thereafter.

Key Factors in Setting Immigration Levels

When determining the immigration levels, IRCC considers:

  1. Immigration Objectives: Goals set out in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA).
  2. Government Policies: Current priorities and policies.
  3. International Commitments: Obligations to refugees and others in need.
  4. Economic Needs: Regional and industry-specific labor market demands.
  5. Processing Efficiency: The capacity of IRCC and related departments to process applications promptly.
  6. Settlement Resources: Availability of services like housing, healthcare, and infrastructure to support newcomers.

2025 Immigration Levels Plan

The last announced plan for 2025 set the following target proportions for different immigration categories:

  • Economic Classes (including Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs): Over 60%
  • Family Sponsorship: Almost 24%
  • Refugee and Humanitarian Classes: Just over 16%

Public Input on Temporary Residents

This year, IRCC is also seeking feedback on targets for temporary residents, recognizing their significant role in Canada’s communities and economy.

Current and Future Targets

The targets for 2024-2026 are the highest in Canadian history:


Year Total New Permanent Residents
2024 485,000
2025 500,000
2026 500,000

Breakdown by Category

For 2024-2026, here are the ranges for different immigration categories:

  • Economic Immigration: 250,000 – 326,000
  • Family Sponsorship: 105,000 – 135,000
  • Refugees and Humanitarian: 70,500 – 110,500

How to Provide Your Input?

Filling out the online survey on the IRCC website will make you participate in the public consultation. Be vigilant towards your responses as the survey does not allow drafts.

Visit Asif Consulting for more information and to take the survey. Visiting the IRCC website will need your input and will help shape Canada’s future immigration policies.