Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)  is much easier now for international students. As distance learning from a Canadian designated learning institute is considered as duration to Post Graduate Work Permit. But the condition is here that distance learning should be less than 50% of the educational program. PGWP is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is an open work permit which allows students to work for any employer in Canada. 

Post Graduate Work Permit is issued once and can be valid for eight months to three years. And usually, its validity depends on the study program. PGWP holders can work full time, part-time, for multiple employers and even they can be self-employed. 

If we talk about the validity of the Post Graduate Work Permit:

  • If the candidate has studied full time in Canada for more than eight months and less than two years the Post Graduate Work Permit will depend on the length of the study program. 
  • If the study program is longer than two years the Post Graduate Work Permit would be longer than three years. 
  • Top of all validity of the passport is also considered. It can never be issued longer than the validity of the passport. In fact, extensions are given if the applicant’s passport will expire before the validity of the Post Graduate Work Permit. 
  • For the accelerated course of studies, the length of the PGWP is equal to the length of the study program. 

The government of Canada is implementing many rules which help to make study easier for international students. 

It is indeed a pathway to Canadain permanent residency. The study from Canada from World Class educational institutions already makes it easier for any student to get Canadian PR and Work experience can make him eligible for immigration options both Provincial and Federal. 

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