Time is running out for Portugal’s Golden Visa

Deadline is approaching for the purchase of Portugal properties and to enjoy Golden Visa. Which is helpful in getting different benefits like free healthcare and many more like renting out the properties. One can buy property in specific areas of Portugal and can enjoy residency benefits like free healthcare.

Details of Benefits 

Portugal is offering 40 years mortgages, lower property taxes, low-interest rates of 0.6 percent, and property values are compared to North American Standards. It turns early retirement into a reality with extremely attractive ownership. 

For example, one can buy a nice apartment for 179,000 Euros and can rent it out on 1,200 Euros a month. Along with this paying almost 400 Euros as a mortgage payment with a 20 percent down. If anyone is looking for a truly special property they must do an initial investment of 400,000 to 500,000 Euros. We must mention here that Rental income varies from 900 to 2,000 Euros in peak season. English is spoken everywhere in Portugal so no lingual barrier as well. An individual can apply for citizenship after the exact five years even not actually living there. 


This policy could be changed but as a pandemic outbreak, the extension period is the beginning of 2022. 

Portugal’s Golden Visa.

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