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Immigration and Canadian Federal Political parties, run up to the 2021 Federal elections

Canadian political parties have significant views over immigration. All major parties are committed to greet thousands of immigrants on an annual basis. And Canada should admit, support available after post arrival. Voting will be held on September 20 for 2021 Federal elections.

Federal Political Parties

Asif Consulting will guide you here about the immigration policies of Canada’s Federal Political parties. The Federal political parties include Liberal party, the main opposition Conservative Party, The centre-left New Democratic Party (NDP). Other than some emerging parties these are Canada’s largest Federal parties. 

The Liberal Party 

The plan for the responsible and modest increase to immigration and welcoming towards highly skilled people. There are 90,000 workers in Canada through a one time program. Most of the candidates are invited under Express Entry system and candidates with work experience under Canadian Experience Class. Liberals are on the way to achieve the target of immigration which is 401,000 new permanent residents for this year despite corona challenges. 

Canada Immigration plan is to add 411,000 immigration candidates for 2022 and further 421,000 in 2023. Candidates are usually invited under Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs and yes many Regional programs. Mostly Federal Skilled Worker Candidates are invited despite travel restrictions. 

The Liberals have plans: 

  • Streamline, Express Entry more permanent residents selected to deal with the needs of the labour market. 
  • For Immigration System of 2023, there is replacement of the Global Case Management System with a fully digital platform. 
  • Increase workplace for Temporary Foreign Worker Program. 
  • Multi-million dollars investment across many projects.

They make immigration policy with economic growth and labour market along with fiscal challenges. 

The Conservative Party of Canada 

They want to fight against cutting down the immigration and introducing measures on immigration. Some Canadian Immigration applicants to be reviewed and could pay a fee for fast processing. This revenue will help to hire additional staff to reduce processing time. 

Under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program one can also get benefits for speed up visa processing. 

They also call for additional technology that includes interactions between immigration officers and applicants. Even they want to launch a Credential Recognition Task Force for the innovation of new credential recognition strategies. Can help to explore credential pre-qualification which will help other people to attain Canadian-standard proficiency through Canadian institutions. 

It brought the Express Entry immigration system in 2015 and selected immigration Canada and processing. Which brought economic immigration in Canada and boosted the economy of the country. 

The New Democratic Party (NDP)

Newcomers can rely on fine processes and on arrival facilities and not be affected by backlogs. 

The NDP would:

  • Fix backlogs for family sponsorship applications. 
  • Remove the quota on PGP applications. 
  • Establish the permanent residency pathways for Temporary Foreign Workers. 
  • Regulations for Canadian Immigration Consultants. 
  • Working with Provincial governments to deal with gaps and settlement and improve foreign credential recognition. 

NDP is working for Canadian immigration categories like family unification to workers and even refugees. Although many of the polities are unclear but NDP aims high. 

Canadian Immigration and Federal Political parties.

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