Should there be more certain avenues for permanent residency available to international students in Australia?

Should there be more certain avenues for permanent residency available to international students in Australia?

Should there be more avenues for permanent residency available to international students in Australia?:

 In order to use immigration to boost population and economic growth, the Australian government has increased the number of permanent migration visas available in 2023–2024 from 160,000 to 195,000 spots. But there is one group for which there is currently no obvious route to permanent residency: overseas students.

Key Points:

80% of Indian international students claim that the possibility of immigration convinced them to pursue their studies in Australia.

Fewer international students than in the past are moving from temporary to permanent residency.

According to one expert, “clearer pathways may not result in more international students moving into permanent residency.”

According to research by the Social Research Centre at the Australian National University, at least 80% of international students from India said that the allure of permanent migration affected their choice to study in Australia.


Students from Nepal, Malaysia, and Vietnam also stated that their desire to immigrate was what drove them to study in Australia. Yet, while this percentage is 27% in Canada, just 16% of international students in Australia go on to become permanent residents.


What is the government’s stand?


Minister for Home Affairs of Australia Clare O’Neil on Wednesday described international students as “untapped potential,” who she said are required to leave after completing their degrees.
” International students, in my opinion, are where the real rewards lie.”
(Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil)

“Our top-notch educational system is preparing overseas students. But many are forced to leave after their studies are through.


“When students do remain after graduation, they have a difficult time adjusting to life in the workforce. According to Ms. O’Neil, around 50% of people are employed in lower-skilled jobs than they are capable of, which she discussed at the Australian Financial Review’s workforce symposium on Wednesday.

Jason Clare, the minister of education, stated last year that he would want to see more foreign students stay in Australia longer and eventually apply for permanent residency.

Many of those students are occupied bringing us food or brewing coffee in between classes during the day and at night.

“They return home after graduation.” They should continue on and assist us in filling some of the persistent skill gaps we’ll be discussing later this week. At the time, Mr. Austin remarked,

“Seems like a no-brainer to me.”


The Alban Government has begun work on its vow to facilitate extended stays for international graduates in order to recruit more students and compete with other major academic destinations like Canada, the US, and the UK, even if clearer pathways have not yet been created.


The government said on Tuesday that international students who graduate with the necessary credentials will receive an additional two years of post-study work rights starting on July 1, 2023.


establishing more direct routes to permanent residence

A study of Australia’s immigration system was also ordered by the government; the conclusions are expected to be made public later this year. The Grattan Foundation advised as part of the evaluation that providing temporary visa holders with clearer pathways to permanent residency would attract more gifted students to Australia to study.


Nevertheless, according to a public policy think tank, there shouldn’t be any compulsory or time-based avenues to permanent residency for temporary migrants.


improving the access points for permanent residence

The government Policy has commissioned a study of Australia’s immigration policy; the results are anticipated to be made public later this year. As part of the evaluation, the Grattan Foundation suggested that offering temporary visa holders clearer paths to permanent residency might draw additional talented students to Australia to further their studies.


Yet, a public policy research organization believes there ought not to be any mandatory or “night before going to bed” pathways for temporary migrants to get permanent status.

“More overseas students may not move into permanent residency as a result of clearer pathways,”

However, the migration review will, according to Australian National University higher education expert Andrew Norton, ultimately lessen the chances of international students becoming lawful permanent residents. He claimed that the government would fall short of setting higher goals because many more students are enrolling in Australian universities than there are spots designated for permanent residents.

“Uncapped temporary visa programs and capped residency” limits will always limit the predictability of PR pathways, he said earlier this month at an International Education Association of Australia symposium.


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