Make Poland your second station and start your EU settlement process. Get a three years residence permit in Poland by investing 12,000 Euros. Usually it takes two months to get appointment in Poland but we can help get rapid appointment with in a week or two.

We offer flexible payment plan aacording to the budget so talk to our consultant for a quick start to make your dreams come true of settling abroad.

Steps one have to follow to get Poland TRP:

1. Make an appointment with our consultant and discuss your possibilities. We will suggest you the best.

2. Will guide and collect relevant documents.

3. Documents will be sent to our representatives in Polant to set a company for you.

4. Once company will be registeredk, you will visit Poland to submit your biometrics.

5. In the period of six months after submission of biometrics, you will get your resident permit card for three years.

6. Payment of 250 Euros per month in form of tax.

7. A proof of health insurance (200 Euros per anum)

To get a resident permit for your family members one have to show stable source of income sufficient to cover the cost of living for themselves and for the family members (1500 Euros per memeber)

Shengen resident permit for three years and can be extended for more two years and after five years one can apply for permanent residence according to immigration and naturalization rules of Poland.

One can visit and work in EU countries.

One can get resident permit for family after three months of living there.

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