PNP immigration

Canada is welcoming an increasing number of economic immigrants through provincial nominee programs.

Canada has gradually increased its target of permanent residents following the release of the new Immigration Levels Plan announced on November 1 and following the current trend the target is estimated to reach up to 500,000 per year by 2025.

Out of the overall target, a majority of it was made up of (PNP) Provincial Nominee Program allocations. The new immigration level plan for the upcoming years of 2023-2025 has shown a sharp increase in the number of new permanent residents. In 2022 the program invited a total of 83,500 new permanent residents and in response, the number of allocations being provided for PNP immigration will also increase to 110,000 in 2023 and 117,500 in 2024 meaning that by 2025, PNP immigration will be used to admit approximately one-fifth of the total number of new permanent residents.

In comparison to the PNPs, only 82,880 new permanent residents will be invited through Express Entry programs in 2023 and although the number will increase to 114,000 by 2025 it is still a considerably smaller number.

The overall target for PNP immigration draws after being determined is distributed among the provinces in the form of nominations in 2022, 6,500 PNP nominations were allocated to Alberta and 9,700 to Ontario by the IRCC. The allocations for each province are decided by the IRCC but so far the allocations that are to be provided to each province are still yet to be made public.

Provinces asked for larger PNP immigration targets

As Canada is experiencing a historic labor shortage the provinces had met and called upon the government for a drastic increase in immigration targets earlier in the. Even with a large number of immigrants already being admitted into the country to make up the labor force there are still around one million job vacancies and this combined with the extremely low unemployment rate of 5.2% there are simply not enough people in Canada to fill in the gap in the workforce. This is particularly so because many of the vacant jobs are in specific skilled sectors such as healthcare and tech.

The provinces typically make use of certain immigration streams to target people that are from specific occupations for which the province is most in need. This method greatly benefits the provinces as can invite specialists who can fill in the most urgent job vacancies that a province has at the same time immigrants can also benefit from this development as they can more quickly and easily find employment in their respective and specialized fields.

Majority immigration candidates applying for PNP immigration programs instead of Express Entry

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