PNP draws for Immigration

Saskatchewan PNP draws for Immigration Candidates

Saskatchewan PNP draws for immigration held on January 21, inviting 502 candidates for a provincial nomination. In this recent draw, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program invited candidates under International Skilled Worker with further two categories of Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand. Immigration candidates are invited on the basis of skills that are required according to the province’s labor market. 

Number of Invitations

This month SINP has issued nearly 900 invitations to apply for provincial nomination. However in this recent draw 502 invitations for the candidates with skills in selected occupations. Under the Express Entry subcategory, 189 invites are sent out and under Occupation In-Demand 313 candidates are invited. Invited immigration candidates have experience in one of the 79 selected occupations. 

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates invited under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program must have the potential required in the province’s labor market. Candidates are selected on the basis of their age, education, language ability, work experience, commitment, and connection to Saskatchewan. 

Candidates are given scores out of 100 under the Internation Skilled Worker Points Assessment Grid. Candidates with high scores are issued an invitation to apply ITA for Provincial nomination. 

Candidates have to submit Expression of Interest profiles with the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. Candidates need to score 77 under the EOI points grid. Candidates are privileged more if they can speak both languages English and French. 

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