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Massive Boost in PNP permanent resident Draw

PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) is a key component of Canada’s immigration policy for permanent resident. It can be considered the starting point for those who want to gain permanent resident status to candidates who desire it as long as they are eligible for it PNP. This event does so by allowing candidates to maximize their CRS scores such as candidates who get a nomination while having an Express Entry file get 600 points added to their score.
When this first began in permanent resident 1998 the PNP only welcomed 400 immigrants, however because of its success and popularity it now welcomes over 80,000 immigrants every year, with each Canadian province and territory having its PNPs. Currently, this week will be the launch date for the PNP results of Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. The government of Canada also considers this rise in PNP applicants to be beneficial for the development of the country.
The IRCC Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada are also an all-program Express Entry draw once again. These draws are held on a bi-weekly basis with the first one being held on 6th July 2020 and the latest being held on the recent 31st August with it having 2,750 invitations.

Results of recent PNP draws between 26th August till 1st September

This year, on September 1st, was held the largest PNP draw in Saskatchewan with 941 candidates from both Express Entry and Occupations-In-Demand categories being provided invitations using the program.
Among the candidates, 312 candidates were from the Express entry program while the remaining 629 were from the Occupations-In-Demand category and all had Educational Credential Assessments while the minimum Expression of Interest score among all students was 61.
During July Sa Saskatchewan held four draws each having over 200 participants and with one draw happening every week of August. Before this time the province only held draws every 2 months.


Ontario had invited a total of 781 candidates, of which 680 were from Masters Graduate Stream and 101 were from Ph.D. Graduate Stream.
During the draw candidates from both Stream participated from 30th August 2021 to 30th August 2022 with those in Masters Graduate Stream getting a score of 37 and above while those in Ph.D. Graduate Stream score 26 and above.

British Columbia

The Provincial nomination in British Columbia invited 254 candidates on August 30th among which 207 were in occupation of technology. The candidates that were selected for this draw were from the categories of Skilled Workers and International Graduates, express entry candidates, and even entry-level and semi-skilled candidates.
 During this Provincial PNP, the Skilled Worker with Express entry scored a minimum SIRS score of 95, and the Entry level and Semi-Skilled level candidates got a minimum score of 60. The SIRS is similar to the CRS Comprehensive Ranking System but is unique to British Columbia.
Moreover, there was also a round of invitations for candidates in other occupations as permanent resident as well such as 29 early childhood educators and assistants 13 healthcare workers, 5 healthcare assistants, and other priority occupations all of whom scored a minimum of 60 points.


This province held its PNP on August 26th and invited 353 candidates. Out of the complete 353 invitations, 259 invitations were issued by Skilled Workers in Manitoba with a score of 619 minimum, permanent resident, 58 invitations were issued by Overseas Skilled Workers with a minimum score of 708 and finally, 36 invitations were issued by International Education Stream without the need of any score.

Massive PNP draw held in Saskatchewan followed by 680 Master Graduate Stream candidates being invited by Ontario to witness PNP draw results.

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