Path to Luxembourgish Citizenship

Discover Luxembourg as your Ideal Home.

How to get Luxembourgish citizenship, Luxembourg is a gem for expats, offering a thriving economy, robust social support, and unparalleled safety. Its high living standards and diverse culture make it a sought-after destination.

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg glorifies excellent healthcare, top-tier education, and a welcoming business environment. Society has a special allure in finance and real estate. Half of its population is made up of foreigners, which cultivates cultural and linguistic diversity.

How to Become a Citizen?

There are several routes to gaining citizenship:

For Minors

Children with at least one Luxembourgish parent or born on Luxembourgish soil may receive citizenship automatically.


Adults can apply after living in Luxembourg for five years, meeting specific requirements.

Option: Available for specific cases where citizenship didn’t pass down through the family.


For those who once held Luxembourgish citizenship or have eligible ancestors.

What You Need?

Prepare the following documents:

  • Clear Conduct: Criminal record certificate.
  • Language Proficiency: Show knowledge of Luxembourgish language and history.
  • Integration Evidence: Prove your integration into Luxembourgish society.

Benefits of Citizenship

Enjoy these perks:

  • Dual Citizenship: One may keep their original nationality.
  • Powerful Passport: You may travel visa-free to 187 countries.
  • Equal Rights: Enjoy the same rights as Luxembourg nationals, including free movement within the EU.
  • Free Process: No fees for citizenship application.

By the Numbers

In 2023, over 11,900 people applied for citizenship, along with a high success rate.

In Conclusion

Acquiring Luxembourgish citizenship isn’t just a legal step; it’s a way towards a brighter future. Whether you seek economic opportunities or a haven, Luxembourg offers it all along with a sense of belonging. If you’re considering making Luxembourg your home, citizenship could be your next milestone, get assistance from Asif Consulting


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