It is announced by Government of Canada that Parent and Grandparent
sponsorship program will reopen in January 2019. This program which allows
Canadians to sponsor their parents and grandparents for permanent residence.
Target of 20,500 applications is set by the government and applications will be
entertained on first come-first served basis.


Actual process of application is not yet announced but Canada is getting
rid of lottery system and introducing the policy of first come-first served
while lottery system remained in demand for two years previously. Hopefully
intake system will be released in few weeks but some rules are there as sponsor
should be Canadian citizen or permanent resident and sponsor must be meeting
certain requirements like at the time of application presence in Canada and
have enough funds to support the sponsored family members.


All persons being sponsored must be parents or grand parents of sponsored
ones. If a person is not eligible for parent grandparent sponsorship program he
can easily apply for super visa for parents and grandparents.

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