Korea Student Visa 

We as Asif Consulting can guide you to study in Korea. A proper guideline will be there for you to start language courses, university programs and abroad English semesters. 

Take a decision about the required visa 

Visa options depend on the nationality and tenure of studying in Korea. Visa variant options are mentioned below to study in South Korea: 

1. Short Course on Visa Waivers 

This kind of visa is up to 90 days for most nationalities. As nationals from European Union except Cyprus and Portugal, including Australia, United States and many more can travel to Korea for 90 days as tourists. And there is no need for a visa for them. While Portuguese and Russians can stay for 60 days. And Canadians can stay for 180 days without a visa. While some nationals can stay only for 30 days. 

One can choose a short study program within the allowed time limit while using South Korea Visa Waiver. One can take a language course for a short time period, or any summer course in any University. And then you can switch to a student visa after arrival. We will suggest to you here that the institution is confident before applying. But we suggest you get a Student Visa before going to Korea.

  2. Student Visa

It remains valid for your entire study period. If anybody wants to stay in Korea and continue studies in any university there. One should apply for a Student Visa for this purpose. To apply for this visa one must need an Admission Certificate from a Korean University. Asif Consulting is dealing with the Namseoul University International Graduate School and guides our clients accordingly. 

One can apply for part-time work after studying for 6 months in Korea. Student visa depends on the chosen study program. 

3. Working Holiday Visa 

It will allow the study or work in South Korea for the tenure of one year. It can be granted only once in life between the age of 18 to 30 years. On the basis of this visa, one can work and study. There are Working Holiday Agreements with certain countries. 

4. Family Visas

If anyone or their parents had Korean citizenship previously can apply for F-4 visas. It will allow you to work and study in Korea for two years. And there is an opportunity to extend the visa after granted tenure. 

But among all mentioned categories, Student Visa is a top priority. 

Apply in any institution in Korea 

The first step before applying for a Student Visa, one must get admission to a Korean University. Following things are usually need to be eligible for admission: 

  • The School Application form
  • High school diploma (in English)
  • Copy of Passport 
  • Motivation letter
  • Finances for studies in Korea 

We as Asif Consulting can guide you to select the study program along with the assistance in the application. We can help you to get admission to the desired study program or language course. Then there would be no need for a Financial Statement. 

Getting Visa Documents

If you get admission to any University program, the next step is paying the tuition fees. Then get good study abroad insurance. After paying one can get a certificate of admission from the university. After receiving this first document, one can apply for a visa at the Korean embassy in your country. 

Here we will guide you to pay tuition fees before the study program starts. It should be at least two months before the program starts as there would be enough time for documentation. If you are running short of time before applying for a student visa, you can travel to South Korea on a visa waiver. And can transfer it to Student Visa as mentioned above in detail. 

Applying in Korean Embassy in the home country

One can apply for a visa in the Korean Embassy present in your home country. We will guide you about the address, websites and contact details of the Korean Embassy. You can contact us or directly at the embassy and university to know about your visa application. 

Here is the list of documents needed before applying for a visa in the Korean embassy. 

For Student Visa Documents List before applying to the embassy 

  • Original Passport with photocopy of the first page in the fact photo page. At the time of planned entry, it should be valid for 6 months. 
  • Documents from Korean University 


Confirmation of Visa Issuance. 

  • Visa Application fees at the time of submitting documents.
  • Health Condition Report form and a Quarantine Consent form and a COVID test in the pandemic era. 
  • 1 passport photo but it is not needed for the students who have Confirmation of Visa Issuance. 
  • Visa application form. 

Sometimes they ask you for a high school diploma and proof of financing so deal according to the checklist provided by the embassy. 

Additional documents may be required if a candidate wants to attend a university exchange program. 

Getting Visa 

Getting visa time differs in different countries. On request, the embassy can help you faster. After the issuance student visa remains valid for three months for entrance. And one can live in Korea for 7 months before the visa is renewed. University can help you in renewing your visa but it depends on the validity period of the visa. 

Landing card along with flight

After the outbreak of a pandemic, one must have to reach Korea 2 weeks before the start of the Course for quarantine. A negative COVID test PCR result translated in Korean or English. And it would be taken in 72 hours before flying to Korea. 

Before booking a flight make sure about the margin of visa arrival. Or wait for the visa first. You can book flight laters but it can cost you. 

Student insurance is very important for studies in South Korea. At arrival, one has to fill in a landing card. While entering a Student Visa one must check Study. 

Possible Visa Extension 

Students with a visa that lasts more than 90 days can apply for an Alien Registration Card. They can apply for it at the immigration office in Korea. To avoid a fine, apply within the first 90 days. You are not eligible for this card if you are on a visa waiver. According to the Korean embassy, an Alien Card can serve as a multiple entry visa. It can also be used as an ID card in Korea. 

If you were not able to secure a student visa for your whole study tenure. One must apply for the renewal of a student visa on site. First, pay semester fees and then go to the immigration office for this purpose. 

Stay updated about the visa process as Korean authorities will not inform us while bringing any change. Always stay tuned with the latest information and instruction from the embassy. 

Namseoul University International Graduate School

There Moto is educating International leaders for the future of tomorrow. 

General Info about NSU

Namseoul University is a private University located in Cheonan City and founded in 1994. Student body is approximately 12,000 students and is planning to continue to provide quality education to a growing number of students. It includes graduate students to provide them creativity and services. This University currently offers thirty six majors from five different schools at undergraduate level. 

NSU offers Masters and Doctorate level courses for postgraduate studies. The International Graduate School (IGS) at Namseoul University was established in 2019. 

Study In Korea

International Graduate School (IGS) introduction

IGS philosophy is ‘through exceptional and innovative education, our students will change the world’

It’s a new and fast-growing graduate school. As it offers full time and focused career masters degree programs in vast areas of study. These programs are designated to motivate international students and are taught in English. The provided Learning experience is profound enough to prepare the students for successful futures around the globe. 

Specific Features

  • Affordable tuition 
  • Student advising and support program 
  • 100 % English Medium programs
  • Student to faculty ratio 
  • Diverse international faculty and student body
  • Various Educational collaborations
  • Designed Programs for Working Professionals (For them classes are on Friday and Saturday).
  • This program is to deal with global challenges and help the International Graduate School Departments   

Master Of Arts

students to launch different global ventures. This program offers dynamic international careers emphasising three areas like Information Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship Strategy and Venture Capitalism. The aim of this program is to make the students so they approach global problems as entrepreneurs. They can expand their skills expertise according to modern technologies which will help to set their careers in innovative venture capitalism.

The International Graduate School curriculum offers the Global Techno-Entrepreneurship program. It will help to change a career directly into innovative ventures or get into the field with the necessary skills and framework. International students are privileged who want to enter small and medium-size firms with strong growth potential. As there is high demand in IT globally, students can have an opportunity to following:

  • Own IT Business
  • IT specialists or consultants
  • Embrace entrepreneurs 
  • Financial Technology Analyst
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Research Career
  • University Instructor 

Master Of Arts in International Education (M.I.E)

The Internationalization of University systems will enhance the demand for advanced programs. Such study programs will promote intercultural dialogue and course offerings are domains of research and enquiry. Which includes leadership, innovation and global goals for education and services along with development and sustainability. 

International Education programs prepare international students for vital leadership roles in the future. They will play roles in specializations in the following fields:

  • Education Policy and Development 
  • Education Leadership
  • Administration and Management
  • Teaching in Traditional and Non-traditional school settings. 

Rigorous environment by the university which engages students in innovative search based practices. The University mission is to develop global educators in accordance with international perspectives. 

Successful candidates can pursue their career in the following paths: 

  • International Educator which includes Education Specialist, Academics Counselor and Teacher Trainer. 
  • Education Policy Analyst and Research Assistant for Non-Profit Organizations, NGOs and Government. 
  • Educational Administrator as School Principal or Director within a school agency. 
  • International Teacher in Non-Traditional and Traditional School settings.
  • Educational Consultant for Curriculum Development, Program Development and Teaching Training.
  • Options for leading positions in Schools, Colleges and Universities including Global Education Agencies along with the positions in Government and Non-Government settings. 

Master Of Arts In International Legal Studies (M.I.L.S)

This includes the study of Criminal Justice, Police Administration and Legal Studies. This kind is significantly renowned among University students of the United States and the Republic of Korea in recent years. Legal issues can be seen in all aspects of society and family which includes childcare, education, business, medicine, environment, government and law enforcement.

In this global society legal professionals are much needed. They are not needed only for law and justice policies for their respective countries but for the international law and justice system. 

By meeting the standards of international knowledge one can get a successful career and pursue career opportunities as mentioned below: 

  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Researcher
  • College Professor
  • Legal Consultant 
  • Social Studies Teacher 
  • Compliance Officer
  • Government Official 
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Contract Specialist/Negotiator 
  • Attorney after successfully passing the Bar exam.
  • Consultant/Mediator of International and Non Profitable Organizations

Master Of Arts in Global Addiction Rehabilitation Counseling (M.G.A.R.C)

This specific degree offers international addiction professional credential as well as Korean credentials.

  • International Certified Addiction Counselor I
  • International Certified Addiction Counselor II
  • The Korean Association for Addiction Professionals (KAAP)
  • Korean Association for Addiction Counseling (KAAC)
  • Korean Association for Addiction Counseling and Psychotherapy (KAACP)

International Students are trained by Multidisciplinary Professional Faculty members with professional knowledge along with practical skills. After the completion of this degree, students will be able to move towards their career as: 

  • Addiction professionals
  • Community mental health workers
  • Clinical mental health workers
  • Social workers
  • Counsellors
  • Mental health workers
  • School counsellors

Master Of Arts In Global Physiotherapy (M.G.P.T)

It’s a dual degree program in partnership with the Auckland University of Technology AUT of New Zealand. It is globally renowned for its reputation in Physiotherapy. 

This study program consists of 4-semester programs at the IGS. International Students have to get a degree in Master’s of Science in Physiotherapy from NSU in the very first place. In the next step, they will go to AUT for two and a half years to complete the studies. But for this one has to achieve an IELTS 7.0. Students will get a Physiotherapy license from AUT after the completion of this program. 

After the completion of this degree, one can pursue their career as: 

  • Physical Therapist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Clinical Pathologist
  • Sports Trainer
  • Special Teacher


Application Procedure

  • Application package submission and payment for application fee payments 
  • The next Step is to interview 
  • Announcement of admission results
  • Tuition fees payment
  • Admission completion for Korean applicants
  • While for International applicants
  • Issuance of Certificate of Admission then apply for admission and then the process is complete. 

Admission Eligibility 

  1. Candidates must be holding a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or have equivalent education under relevant statutes.
  2. Have proficiency in English tests, as valid English score sheets of IELTS 5.5 and others respectively. Although requirements can vary on the basis of nationality for foreign nationals. 

Admission Process

  • The number of applicants for each department are adjusted according to the demand of graduate school. 
  • The calculation of scores for each screening element is added together. And then finally determine the final scores and ranking.