Ontario New Eligibility Rules To Ease Immigration For International Students

Ontario Immigrant has made a significant change to its immigration program. It helps international students become permanent residents. Before, only students who graduated from specific schools could apply. Anyone with a one-year certificate from any college in Ontario can qualify.

It is Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) Employer Job Offer: The International Student stream is for students with a job offer in Ontario for a skilled job. These jobs come under Type/Level 0, A, or B in Canada’s job classification.

You must show that your employer and job offer meet specific criteria and make you eligible. You will also need to submit a form from your employer. After the approval of the application, you can apply for a work permit and permanent residence in Canada.

Eligibility criteria

Here are the main requirements for eligibility:


  • A minimum of a two-year degree or diploma from any Canadian school.
  • A minimum of a one-year graduate degree or diploma from any Canadian school.
  • A minimum of a one-year college certificate from any Ontario school.
  • A minimum of a one-year university certificate from an Ontario school.


You must have completed more than half of your studies in a Canadian university while living in Canada. Make sure the institution where you got your certificate is eligible.


You also need to:

  • Have a full-time job offer in Ontario in a skilled job with a decent wage.
  • Have the proper authorization for the job when applying.
  • Be legally in Ontario if you’re already in Canada.
  • Show a connection to Ontario Immigrant through work, education, visits, relationships, family, or property.


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